Monday, April 05, 2010

There is NO SNOW in these pictures!

Good Monday morning, friends. Like I said last week, I really don't mind Mondays. I sorta like them in fact. My heart is full this morning from a wonderful Easter weekend.

Our Easter felt a little different this year. 

For one, we didn't see one single snowflake--in the air or on the ground. I think that might be a first in the seven Easters we have celebrated here. I was NOT complaining! In fact, I was rejoicing!

This was also the first year that we didn't dye eggs. I had intended to try making these speckled ones, but we just didn't get around to it, and honestly the kids didn't seem too disappointed.

We didn't go to the Good Friday service at church either. John had been in New Jersey all week and was wiped out. Truthfully, we all had a busy week and were exhausted. We felt like staying home, so we did.

The Easter bunny has visited our house on Good Friday for about 10-12 years now. It works well for us so that Sunday can remain focused on Jesus. BUT, our Easter Bunny didn't have his act together on Friday, so he visited on Saturday night instead. (Note to self: the world didn't end, Meredith.)

Oh, and I didn't transform our crown of thorns to the crown of a victorious King either. My intentions were good, but I just didn't make the time to do it. (I threw it in the trash last night). 

So yeah, this year felt different, but it was still very good.

After church (which was very good!) we came home and had Easter lunch--ham, potato casserole, asparagus, and of course, Sister Schubert's rolls. John and I took a nap and then we all went to see How To Train Your Dragon. Our Easter Bunny left matinee tickets in the kids' baskets. The movie was really good! We all loved it.

Before we left, John asked if anyone minded if he wore his slippers to the show. Would YOU mind if your husband went out in public like this?
You probably know by now that he marches to the beat of a different drummer. A different drummer, indeed. But I love him. A lot.

Our day wasn't without a little drama. The kids were playing downstairs and they called John and I to come see something (they were really excited about this too). It was a mouse trapped in our basement window well. GROSS. GROSS. GROSS. They even shot some video (which I'll spare you from seeing). It was crawling up the screen in this pic. GAG.
I need to move on to a much more pleasant subject. 

TODAY! Today is good. The kids have school, but John has the day off from work. Know what that means? It's DATE DAY!!! 

We're planning to do some stuff around the house, work out, go to lunch, and then perhaps make a trip to REI to spend our dividend money. Rumor has it I might get some new shoes for the trail! I am so excited to have an entire day with John. Especially since he was traveling last week.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Peace out, peeps.


Unknown said...

Sounds like a splendid Easter to me {grin}...I failed to get the much anticipated, ever so present, Easter pic....and I'm sure the world will not end because of it...and strangely I'm ok with it. So maybe this year was just a year for change :)

Lindsay said...

Love the fact that both John and the rest of you dare to be different. Makes y'all very refreshing. Am I correct in recalling the IHOP or Aunt Sarah's in your PJs is another Blase custom. Gotta love it!

Melissa Stover said...

yeah for now snow!! that mouse looks really freaky.

Ali said...

What a cute pics of your kids in their Easter clothes! :) How fun to have an entire date day! I'm so in need of that with my I know what a great relaxing day you will have! I'm green with envy - wanting a date day with my husband! By the way you are a fun wife to think it's cute that your husband wore his slippers to the movies! Made me laugh to see that pic! I got my husband a pair of slippers aka house shoes for Christmas and he wears them all the time! After seeing that pic I'm now expecting he'll want to wear them to the movies next time! So funny! Okay and the RAT = GROSS! A few years back we had a Christmas mouse and I was so GROSSED out!

~ Ali

Jennifer said...

I had to laugh b/c two things in your post made me think of recent things that have occured.

One was that I had to run to the grocery store before going to the Strawberry Festival. I needed to pick up a copy of the newspaper so I could clip coupons while we drove. Well, I walked out of the car and into the grocery store and people were looking down. I didn't realize it until my son asked me why I still had on my slippers! It was so funny!

And on Easter while you had the mouse, we had a 6 foot alligator in our backyard! Yikes!!

Unknown said...

Your kids have some of the best smiles on the net! So sweet they are!

I LOVE date days with my man....I know you two will have fun.

Sorry about the little critters....I guess he was happy without snow too!

Unknown said...

Your kids have some of the best smiles on the net! So sweet they are!

I LOVE date days with my man....I know you two will have fun.

Sorry about the little critters....I guess he was happy without snow too!

Beth said...

Sounds like a very fulfilling Easter weekend! Once I found a poor little mouse stuck in my outisde trashcan. I kinda felt bad for him.... I let him go, but far, far away from my house. :) Enjoy your date day! I'm jealous. :) said...

It sounds like a wonderful Easter weekend. We had a bit of a different one too. Maggie had a volleyball tournament all day on Saturday and I never gave Easter dinner a thought because we had plans to go to my sister-in-law's. Imagine my surprise (and anxiety) when she said that everyone else had bailed out with other plans. SO...we ran to the store late Saturday night and I pulled together a great Easter lunch. Not the usual way I do things...I like ALOT of lists...but it worked. We had a wonderful church service and came home and had ham and all the side stuff at about 2 p.m.
I was a little stressed out and it wasn't perfect but it was fun and relaxing.

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Your kids are so beautiful!

Tell John I like his sense of fashion, indeed! :)

Kecia said...

Pretty kids!
I went to the movie with my sil in her house shoes--I didn't notice til we got there. Then I was jealous.

Gretchen said...

We didn't dye eggs, either! ;) I boiled them, but we just didn't get to it. I guess Dudley will keep till next year.

You found dresses! They all look great.

I'm not one for kids' movies, but I think the dragon one looks pretty cute. Maybe we'll have to go this week. J's turn to be off. D's in school.

gail said...

wow--at least your hubby asked if anyone minded about the slippers! you are a brave woman. so glad you all liked the movie too. we've often gone to movies on holidays but have never thot about going on Easter =)

we didn't do any of the kid stuff this year either (eggs, baskets, etc) #1 son has never gotton into it so it was always me, and i guess i've realized its time to move on and let him grow up. he's 12.

and I HATE mice!!!!

Anonymous said...

We purposefully did some things differently this year and had a good, low-key day. We went to a friend's church instead of our own. It was easier. Maybe we'll add some of the old stuff back in next year. Or not. It's nice to give ourselves some room and flexibility and permission, don't you think?