Monday, April 12, 2010

My Favorite Color is Green

When asked what my favorite color is, my response is always green. Red runs a close second, but green always wins.

This post isn't really about hue though. It's more about action.

Do you know that next Thursday (April 22) is Earth Day?

Well, it is.

I know some of you don't care. Some of you think Earth Day is a new age-y kind of thing. Some of you don't give a flip about being green or recycling or reducing your carbon footprint. And some of you think global warming is a bunch of hooey.

That's okay. We can agree to disagree.

Personally, it's all an issue of stewardship in my mind.

I want to take care of what I've been entrusted with whether it's my family, my income, or my planet.

So yeah, I'm green. And proud of it.

Here are a couple of cool things I've come across lately that I want to share along those lines.

I got new trail shoes last week. I used our REI dividend + 20% member's coupon to score a pair for a super sweet price. My new pair has biodegradable midsoles (awesome!) which made me wonder what happens to old athletic shoes when they end up in landfills. That question caused me to google all sorts of things, which led me to the Nike ReUSE A SHOE program. Nike takes almost all athletic shoes, breaks them down, and recycles them into surfaces for tracks and tennis courts and more!  Isn't that COOL? I'm taking my old shoes to the drop-off next time I head that direction, and I'm thinking of doing a shoe drive among friends! I'm so jazzed about this! (The Nike link above has all the info about what, where, and how.)

My local (free) recycling drop off center really let me down a few months ago when they stopped taking recyclables without warning! We've resorted to hauling our recycling down to the place we used to take it, but it's a 25 minute drive (one way) and we don't always have a reason to trek down that way. I've decided that I'm going to bite the bullet and actually PAY for curbside recycling. The monthly cost is not too much more than what I'm already paying, and the extra is probably the same difference as the gas it takes me to drive to the recycling center. My friend, Lisa, clinched the deal for me when she told me about a local company that is part of this national program that gives kickbacks for recycling. You get vouchers you can spend at different retailers based on the amount of recycling they collect from you. You can click the link and see if there is a partner in your area. If you're in Co Springs, the local company is WasteConnections. I haven't signed up yet, but it's on my list to do this month!

Lastly, have you seen the new SunChips bags? They're 100% biodegradable. Click this link and watch the short video under the compostable packaging tab. It is uber cool!!! (Thanks, Dana, for telling me about this!)

This stuff excites me. Peace out, peeps.


Stephanie said...

We have bought the Sun Chips in the new bag - I love the compostable bag, but it makes me a crazy (and it's funny) how LOUD the bag is! : ) No sneaking chips that's for sure.

Unknown said...

I love your green self! And I feel the same way about stewardship as well.

Actually, I married into green. The Mr was green before green was "in", so he keeps me honest...although i still roll my eyes at him sometimes, just for fun.

I love that nike is doing the shoe recycling. I replace running shoes about every 6 months and I never know what to do with the old ones.

OhioFamOf4 said...

We are very loyal to Hampton Inn for various reasons, but last year my preschooler pointed out to me that the silverware and cups had a triangle on the bottom and everyone was throwing them in the trash. I was working on having him write a letter to them about starting a recycling progam and lo and behold just last week we stayed at a Hampton Inn where they had changed all the plates/silverware/cups to biodegradable products. We were excited to see that they are taking a step in the right direction and we have even more reason to love them now.

Good to know about the Nike shoes.

We have automatic recycling here where we live. The fee is part of your water/refuse bill and you get plastic bins to sit out at the curb. We have one for fibers and another for plastic/glass. It's awesome.

My goal this year is to keep a bucket by the shower for when I let the water warm up so I can take it out to my garden. We'll see how that goes as long as I don't spill it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful that my time in MA introduced me to a few ways I could be greener. It's definitely more of a challenge to be green here in the South (where they put shopping bags into a plastic bag when you purchase them) and I'm not as green as I was in MA, but it's worth the extra effort and I'm always learning new things to try that take minimal time or effort on my part.

Since my running shoes aren't actually used for running they last a lot longer than those of my more athletic friends (I'm looking at you, Kellie), but when they need to be replace, I'll look into this Nike program.

I'm proud of you, friend.

*carrie* said...

Yay, love this post, Mer!

Green is my fave color, too, and I am also proud to be GREEN!

I've heard of the Nike program, but last time I checked, there wasn't a drop-off anywhere near here.

Thankfully, we have curbside recycling, though they only take aluminum and plastics 1-4. I actually save yogurt tubs for when my parents visit and they take them back to CS for me! =)

I just received a free bag of Sunchips, and was excited to see their new packaging.

*carrie* said...

And I forgot to say: I just wrote myself a note yesterday to check out that recyclebank program! Sounds really cool.

Gretchen said...

Stewardship is exactly right. Kills me to see an aluminum can thrown into the trash. The only time I'm truly careless about my trash is when we're on a road trip. A clean(er) car means that we dump waterbottles, fast food stuff and cans whenever we see a free trash can.

I lurve how you think, Miss Mer. You spur me on.

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

I love you, my crunchy, green friend!

I will be celebrating Earth Day by eating on styrofoam plates and then having a bonfire in my back yard and admiring my carbon footprint. :)

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

First, I always know when Earth Day is b/c April 22 is my birthday. :)

The other day I was buying the sun chips and the cashier goes "OOH! You got a Fun Bag!!!" She said she can be having the worst day and someone will buy a 'fun bag' and it makes her happy. I thought it so funny and cute she said that!

O Mom said...

I am totally trying to be more conscience of this. Our small town isn't the most up to date with this so it's a little hard, but were working on it.

I gave you and your hubby's blog an award today on my blog! :)

His Girl said...

I'm not very green, I confess. I recycle, I use green bags at the store... but then I slip back into apathy.

because of you, though... I'm much more conscious about my consumption. You're right, it's about stewardship... and you'll be glad to know you're making a difference in this girl waaaaay over here in CA.