Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wedded Wednesday: Gifts

My sweet friend, HisGirlAmber, asked: What is the best gift you have ever received from each other?

This is John:
You may think this is sappy, but I don't care.

Three different times in the course of our almost twenty years together, I have watched her carry within her own body the weight of life, from conception to delivery.  Our three children are the greatest gifts she's given me. Sure, I know God gives those gifts and in some sense they do not come from us but through us, but when you're standing in the delivery room, as I was on all three occasions, it sure as shooting looks like she's the one they came from.  I watched her run the gauntlet of the marriage vows during those nine-months-times-three: better, worse, rich, poor, sick, healthy...and she carried a little boy and two little girls safely here and then I cut them loose, all three times, into this dangerous world.  I look at them, these three precious children that I would die for, and I think "they would not have life had it not been for her."

I do not hold to the "the woman does all the work and the man gets off easy" stance; that is an insult to both woman and man.  But I do believe she did, and does, that which I cannot do...she is a carrier of that which truly matters, a life bearer, a gift bearer.  I so love the handmade coffee mugs she gave me several years ago, but compared to Will, Sarah, and Abbey...well, they do not compare.

This is Meredith.
Well, wow. Pass the tissues, please.
I don't really consider myself a "stuff" person, so I'm going to go with gifts that aren't necessarily tangible. I'm sure you're not surprised that I can't limit myself to one thing either. Bear with me!

The gift of laughter. John makes me laugh every single day. He's helped me learn not to take myself too seriously and to find the humor in almost any situation. I love that about him. Some of my favorite moments are when we are laughing together...even if what we are laughing about is incredibly stupid. I hope that our children will remember growing up in a house with laughter.

The gift of time. John has always been very generous in gifting me with time, whether it be time alone or time with him. Sometimes I have to voice my request for it, but other times he will recognize my need and offer me a break. He has never ever denied my request for time away, and he has never complained about watching our children or about having to sacrifice his needs for mine. 

Attentiveness. Generosity. Calmness. Gentleness. Encouragement. Strength. Hard Work.

I believe that each of John's character traits is a gift, not only to me and our children, but to others as well. 

I am blessed indeed.


Deena said...

Wow!! This is so beautiful - it made me cry! What a wonderful tribute! (John, you should have saved this one for Mother's Day! ha!)

*carrie* said...

I second the "Well, wow." This reminds me of a couple I heard of where the husband gives the wife flowers each year on each of their children's birthdays. I think that's a neat idea and a meaningful gesture!

Amber said...

So precious.
So very very precious.

Brenda said...

I loved reading that. That's what marriage is all about isn't it?!

Tiffani said...

You are certainly both gifts to each other.

What sweet words from each of you!