Saturday, July 10, 2010

10 on the 10th!

Okey dokey! Time for 10-on-th-10th and another boring list. My brain seems to be incapable of forming fun lists anymore so today I'm giving you a run down of what's on tap for our weekend. Hold on to your seats, people. It doesn't get much more riveting.

1. T-ball game. We're going to our neighbor's t-ball game this morning. We have lots of little kids who live around us and the boys all idolize Will. Seriously. They love him. A couple of weeks ago, my doorbell rang one afternoon and it was our five-year-old neighbor asking if Will could come out and play. It's so cute. Will is really great to play with them when we're outside. The ballgame should be very fun! Here's a pic of him with our little friend!

2. Finish grocery shopping. I went to Walmart yesterday with a big list. I was walking towards the front of the store and I saw a M-O-U-S-E run across the floor in front of me. I stifled a scream and made a beeline for the checkout. So super gross. I wanted to throw up. I have to go back today and finish my list. But I'm NOT going to Walmart. *Gag*

3. Stop by the Farmer's Market. I can't believe we haven't been yet this summer! John asked me to put BLTs on the menu plan so now I'm on a quest for some juicy home-grown tomatoes. Wish I lived by Kellie or Stephanie. They were killing me with their talk on Twitter yesterday of having an abundance of tomatoes from their gardens!

4. Pull weeds. See? I lead such a riveting life. We have rocks that border our back fence and I have one little stretch of rocks that I need to weed before I can post pics of our backyard transformation. Thankfully we've had a lot of rain this week so that should make the weed-pullin' a little easier!

5. Kill the ants in the backyard. Ugh. They're everywhere. I can't sit outside without them crawling on me...and it's so gross! Not as gross as a mouse in Walmart but still gross. They're going DOWN today.

6. Finish my spray painting project. I learned a big lesson last fall about spray painting in enclosed spaces. And I know not to paint on windy days. The problem is that it's been windy whenever I've had time to paint. I'm determined to finish painting this weekend. Very determined.

7. Do a little birthday shopping. Miss Sarah will be twelve on Tuesday. John and I have lots of gift ideas for her but we need to narrow it down to one or two things and get them bought and wrapped.

8. Church. We skipped last week (block party) and the week before (camping) and I'm feeling very much out of the church loop. We did have a week of VBS squeezed in there, but I feel all out of sync when we miss this many Sundays in a row.

9. Upgrade our cell phones! John and I were due for an upgrade back in September but we put it off thinking/hoping/praying that the rumors were true and the iPhone was coming to Verizon in June. Nope. Nada. It didn't happen. We both just want the free phones that come with our contract, and hopefully by the time our next upgrade comes around these two Mac lovers will be rewarded for their patience. And an iPhone 6 or something.

10. Rest. Relax. Maybe nap. This is always on our weekend agenda. It's become such a habit. And naps outside on a sunny afternoon are my fave!

Alright. If you want to play along, great. Just post your list of 10 things (any thing you choose!) on your blog and link your post here. Happy Weekend to you guys! Peace out, peeps.


Lemonadegal (Michelle @ Lemonade Life) said...

I love watching tball games! The little kids are always so cute. And, I think that is sweet about Will.
YUCK on the mouse! We once saw a mouse in Target and the same weekend we saw another one in a Mexican food restaurant. I never ate there again!!
Enjoy your weekend.

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

I'm going to do this today, a list is about where I'm at! It will have to wait till my kids are napping, tho.

Elizabeth said...

It does sound riveting, in a cozy, comfy way!

I like how you think big about an iPhone 6. I have no doubt they'll be one eventually! And I want one too.

Michele said...

#10 is my very favorite!!!!!

Will is so handsome!!!

Are you sad your kids are getting older? I am. I had a tough time with Alec turning 13. Ash will enter double digits this year, and the baby will be 7. . .

If you find out how to freeze time, please let me know!

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

Okay, done. :)

Drew just told me about seeing a mouse in their classroom one day last year! Stories are so funny coming from a 6-year-old.

Rebecca said...

Rest. Relax. Take a nap...That sounds like my favorite. It's especially nice w/ the afternoon rain in the back ground!

Stephanie said...

We may tempt you with our tomatoes, but you are killing ME with your cooler temperatures. I'm dying here! : )

Holly said...

'Tis my last one...and I am both sad and anticipating! But I know we'll stay in touch!

A mouse? Ewww! I found some really juicy tomatoes at King Soopers--made some yummy hot sauce from them. 'Hope you found some good ones at the FM. I went a couple of weeks ago and was a bit disappointed in the produce offerings. 'Hoping that as July and August go on, we will have more to choose from!

Oh, and I'm glad we do not have fire ants...a whole 'nother reason why I love Colorado!

Thank you, Mer, for hosting here!!

Kecia said...

Well it was interesting to me! I like your kids--I hope I get to meet them someday.

Katrina @ Pics, Pages & Purls said...

I'm so glad to participate! It's all about the Field of Dreams movie site and pics...hopefully you will enjoy them! GO THE DISTANCE!
GROSS about a mouse! YUCK!

Sami said...

Whew!! I made it! And the new button with the trees is so cute!

Stephanie said...

Um...I posted 10 on the 11th. Does this count?

whimzie said...

I keep hearing rumors that Verizon's getting the iPhone in January. I hope my iPhone lasts that long.

I wish I had some friends with tomatoes, too. Every time I buy one I think of all our friends that can't get rid of theirs and shed a sad tear. Well, I don't really cry about it, but still.