Tuesday, July 13, 2010

If you live here, they will come.

If you've never seen Field of Dreams, then you might not "get" my title. And if you've never seen that movie then I suggest you watch it soon.


Two of my college friends have been in Colorado Springs lately. I've found that sooner or later most everyone visits Colorado and when they do, we'll get a chance to connect!

A couple of weeks ago I got to have dinner with Susan aka Carpool Queen and her boys. I didn't get a pic of the boys, but here's a pic of me with Sus. Our time was short, but very sweet. I loved it, Sus! Thanks for making it happen.

If you're not reading her blog, then you are missing out on some funny stuff. Seriously, I can't read her blog while drinking anything. She's that funny. But she's also deep and serious and I wish to goodness I'd known her better back in our OBU days.

I suggested to Susan that she should change her name to CarTripQueen. She made a 5000 mile journey across the good ole US of A with her guys last month. Brave, brave girl.

While Sus was trekking across the country, she stopped to see Deena, another friend from OBU. Deena happened to be Sus' little sister from their "social club" days. [Note: Ouachita didn't have sororities or fraternities but instead had social clubs.]

So guess who also visited Colorado Springs recently?

Yep. Deena. (She doesn't blog but she really needs to!!!!!!!)

Deena and her family spent the 4th of July weekend at the very swanky Broadmoor and I got to have dinner with her one evening.
As soon as she emailed me this pic, I titled it: Snow White and the DWARF. Good grief I am short!

Deena is another friend I wish I'd known better back in college. She was a year behind me so we were really only at OBU together for a year before John and I married and moved to Dallas/Fort Worth. I like to think we made up for a lot of lost time when she was here! Thanks, Deena, for making time for me in the midst of your fun getaway. And thanks for listening to me talk and talk and talk! I loved seeing you and meeting your beautiful family!

I really dislike these two pictures of myself because I think I look so, um, shall we say LARGE in them? Ugh. That's what 12 weeks of no cardio will do to a girl. Ugh. 


I'll be back tomorrow with details of Sarah's 12th Birthday! We've got a super fun day planned for her!


Lauren said...

How fun getting to meet up with old friends!!! And you’re not short, she’s just VERY VERY tall, haha!!!!!! :)

Lindsay said...

Mer... so true! Even though I had to postpone this summer's trip, I'm always checking airline fares. SW has a great one ($129.00each way but unfortunately timing not the best.

jeanie@mageditor.blogspot.com said...

Looks like such a fun time! You are either TINY, Mer or you have very TALL friends. You don't look LARGE at all! Teeny, tiny woman. :)
I love the red shirt too!

Carpool Queen said...

A) Meredith is tiny.
B) I am not.

I love that pic of the two of us, Meredith. It reminds me of the fun time we had catching up on the last few years. It was NOT my last trip to Colorado, though quite possibly my last driving trip, so we'll do it again.

Love ya.

Kecia said...

How fun! OBU friends are the best. ;)
And you're right about CO. Mike and I lived in Idaho for 12 years, and did any of my family (besides my parents) come see us? Nooooo. My middle bro. moved to Col. Sprgs in January, and the whole family (besides us) is going to see them this month.
I'm not bitter.

O Mom said...

Mer, you are adorable!

Amber said...

I love these kinds of visits!!!
So glad that you got to hang out with both of them.

Good times!!

Brenda said...

What fun! Glad you were able to reconnect with old friends.

Stephanie Kay said...

How fun! If I ever make it out to CO, we'll have to have lunch or something. :) I'm trying to remember the last time I caught up with OBU friends in person... it's been 3 years since I've been to AR but I don't think we visited with anyone that last time so I'm going with 5 years. WAY to long to go without seeing old friends!!

whimzie said...

I think you all look great!!

I keep hoping I'll make a trip to Denver to visit my cousin and work out a visit with you while I'm there. Someday.