Thursday, July 22, 2010


I got an email yesterday afternoon from my mom wondering when I was going to blog again. She's probably the only person that notices if I go five days without posting anything. The truth is that sometimes I feel like blogging is the most natural thing in the world and other times I'd rather remain inert. I'd say this week has fallen into the latter category.

Summer is winding down. The kids go back to school three weeks from today. Three weeks. Sigh.

Our week has been very full. More full than I actually prefer summer weeks to be, but it's been good and we've all had fun! I'm just trying to savor these remaining days of them being at home with me before we become a slave to the school schedule.

Here's a peek at some things we've been up to. 

Shopping for school supplies! Happy to report that we purchased every last thing on everyone's list. Not happy to report that my checkbook took a ginormous hit.

Playdates! We've had several this week. Yesterday afternoon we had three of our neighbors over to play and they stayed and had a picnic dinner with us. Sarah prepared everything...and wanted to take this picture.

Enjoying the rain! We've had thunderstorms every afternoon this week. I love summer storms! The girls went out and jumped in some puddles after one storm (wish I had taken some pics!) and we've seen double rainbows TWICE this week. The picture below is only a single rainbow, but it was so bright and was perfectly full! 

Enjoying our backyard! And rediscovering toys we love. 

I went to physical therapy yesterday and guess what? My therapist released me as a patient!!!!!!!!!!! She cleared me to resume all physical activity, except running, at this time. Seriously, I think that yesterday was the happiest day of my ENTIRE summer! I am so thankful that I'm feeling so much better. 

Cleaning. Cooking. Laundry. Crafting (the girls). Reading. Sleeping in. Home repairs. Making trips to the library (we've been twice this week). Planning some fun back-to-school stuff with a friend. Watching movies. Hanging outside until dark with our neighbors.

Oh, and last night we went with some friends to a concert at our local park. The music was great. The company was better. 
(Will is making a face like this in every single picture I took last night. Hmmph. Teenage boys!)

So that's a little of what we've been up to.
Hope you're having an awesome week as well.


Lauren said...

Sounds like your summer has been just perfect and has gone by waaay to fast!! And YAY for no more physical therapy!!!! :)

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

Two things. That little picnic dinner she set up is adorable.

And Drew would love to come play with Abbey. That car bucket - well, he'd be swooning over it and declaring her the best friend ever. Ha.

Unknown said...

It looks like you are having an awesome summer.

Congrats on your release from PT!!! I know that is an awesome feeling for you (and your leg!)

Our seummer come to an end inter weeks as wewll, and it makes me so sad....

Oh and also, I noticed you hadn't blogged in a wile but I figured you were having fun!

Gina said...

Uh, I noticed...
But I'm not your mom, so I'm not allowed to say anything. Besides, I think I am going on 2 weeks. Somehow, it just doesn't seem that exciting to blog about the new fence. Or the place where I hit my shin with the hammer. Or that we went to the beach again.

Unknown said...

Also, I am typing on my iPad at the pool, and it has a typing mind of its own.....I have a love/hate relationship with auto correct.

Angie said...

I miss your posts when it's been 5 days. I just don't tell you. Happy to read this one and that your PT released you! Love the pictures. And I can totally relate to the teenage boy Will does the same thing. Drives me nuts.

Katrina @ Pics, Pages & Purls said...

I could tell from your tweeting and facebook statuses that you were busy! I do miss your post when you go more than a couple days but I just don't think I can tell you when you need to post. ;)
Yeah from being released from PT! Boo for only having 3 weeks left with NO school!

Kathy said...

Put me on the list with your Mom. I've been "stopping by" every day and wondering how you've been. :) Glad to see your week has been full of good things--especially the news from your physical therapist! Hope the next few weeks of summer take their time and are less full for you guys!

Trish said...

I notice too!! I'm kind of stalker-ish you know. I stop by here everyday (nope I don't use a reader!) and I miss you when you're gone!
That picnic is adorable! I love the sandwiches with the crust cut off.

Enjoy your last three weeks of summer. We have five weeks left and four of those we will be in Washington enjoying the warmth!! Yay!

Christy said...

Congrats on your release. I made those scones last night...they were great, it was hard to keep my hands off of them. I cut them in smaller pieces so I felt better about eating more than one. :) Sarah is quite the little hostess, love her picnic.

Christy said...

Congrats on your release. I made those scones last night...they were great, it was hard to keep my hands off of them. I cut them in smaller pieces so I felt better about eating more than one. :) Sarah is quite the little hostess, love her picnic.

Deena said...

I've missed you too! Glad you guys are enjoying your last weeks of summer. It sounds like it has been fun and full without being overscheduled. I've tried to guard our weeks too.

Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

Not so fast... I noticed! I figured you've just been busy with summer stuff. No crime in that!

HOORAY that you've been cleared. Let the hiking begin! That's great, great news Mer.

I love that picture of Abbey (I think it's Abbey, isn't it?) playing with the cars. I don't know why... it just seems so peaceful and sweet. LOL!

And please tell me you've seen the double rainbow video on Facebook or YouTube. :)

Tree Frog Creations... said...

I'm so glad to see that picture of Abbey playing with the cars. I have a box of cars that I played with as a little girl. Now Reagan plays with them! So fun!!
Congrats on your release from PT! Enjoy your last 3 weeks of summer. :-)

Amber said...

I noticed that you'd been quiet!! ;)

Sounds like a fabulous way to spend your last precious summer moments with the family...

Keep it up!!!

Carpool Queen said...

My first thought when I saw the picnic spread?

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree :)

whimzie said...

No PT?! YAY!

I love that your family knows how to play. That picture of your girl playing w/Hot Wheels/Matchbox makes my heart smile.

O Mom said...

I am natural very "inert" too so I get it.
And I love that Will was making that face in every picture. He seems like a fun kid! :)