Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday Five

I'm doing a little happy dance because today is Friday. I heart Fridays. I heart them even more when the kids have Friday off from school and we have a three-day weekend ahead of us. If you think my kids sure do have a lot of days off from school, it's true. It seems that way to me too, but I love it.

Thought I'd share five random things on this Friday morning.

1. It's supposed to snow today. I'm sure we need the moisture, but I'm kinda over snow and winter. It's March and I'm ready for spring! I took this picture after my morning walk. Did I mention how ready I am for warmer temps??? Looks like some good hiking weather next week though. That will keep me hanging in there until spring makes it's appearance. 

2. Yesterday morning I had some time at home (finally!) and spent the morning making soup and cleaning. I plugged my iPhone into my "poor man's sound dock" and had the best time just puttering around the house listening to playlist after playlist (Will figured out how to stop my songs from looping)(figured it out in about 5 seconds). I was feeling stressed yesterday about a couple of situations that were beyond my control but realized that cooking and cleaning are extremely therapeutic for me. Both are very calming and peaceful activities with huge dividends for my family!  

3. In order to plug my phone into my sound dock, I have to remove it from it's case. When I did that yesterday, I saw these two words inscribed on the back of my case: Have Courage. It was exactly what I needed to hear regarding those situations that were stressing me out. I spoke it out loud every time I felt anxious. Widsom from an iPhone case? Yep. I believe God uses any tool available to communicate with us!

4. I read an article this week on being too busy. Honestly, my life is busy and I don't see any other way around that. We're careful about what we allow our children to be involved in and believe it or not, I say no to many good things. By nature of being a wife and mom, having three kids at three schools, a part-time job, and a home to manage, my life is going to be full. BUT, I could NOT do all that I do without rest. That's why we're big believers in keeping weekend activity to a minimum. Our entire family needs unstructured time to rest and refuel. Last weekend, I was maxed out with commitments. I knew they were coming. I planned for them. And since I knew that my weekend would not involve much rest, I planned for Monday to be a down day--my "Sabbath" if you will. Thankfully this weekend is feeling pretty spacious and I am overjoyed. Seriously overjoyed. What about you? Do you make rest a priority?

5. Speaking of rest, it's after 9AM and all three of my kiddos are still sleeping! With a busy weekend last weekend, some early morning appointments this week, and a full week of track practice, all three of them needed the extra sleep. I hope they all wake up in a cheerful mood! Two of the three are teenagers though so I'm not crossing my fingers. Ha ha. Actually, most days they all wake up in a pretty decent mood and I'm thankful for that.

Happy weekend, everyone! 


Beth said...

oh my goodness, I am SO ready for spring, too!! We got DUMPED on this week so it's going to take awhile to melt :(

Deidre said...

Most days (when you talk about hiking, mountains and the beautiful scenery) I wish I lived where you lived. But, not when it's 10 degrees in March! :)

Glad you have a long, relaxing weekend ahead. We're pretty protective of ours too. I also find that without a rigorous schedule, we don't even know how to brush our teeth and comb our hair, so that forces us into 'lazy'. We love it.

SZM said...

Love # 3!!!!!!!