Thursday, March 08, 2012

8 Confessions

How did it get to be March 8th already??? Wasn't it just yesterday I was talking about coasting into this month? I think someone pushed the fast forward button when I wasn't looking. 

So, since it's the 8th I have 8 things to confess...with commentary of course.

1. I'm addicted to Words With Friends. A-D-D-I-C-T-E-D. 

2. I rarely speed. Mainly because I'm afraid of getting a ticket. BUT every single day I wish that the big SUV that rides my tail on the way home from afternoon carpool would get a big, fat speeding ticket. I sometimes slow down on purpose just to irritate the driver. Yep. I'm sure that driver looooves me.

3. I hate, and I mean HATE politics. I'm pretty clueless about what's going on in the presidential race these days and I'm okay with that. I'll figure out who I want to vote for and why a little closer to November. 

4. I listen to my iPod with the volume turned up really loud. Like really, really loud. Which is probably why I have a bit of hearing loss in my left ear. 

5. I've mentioned a time or two that I'm not a fan of PCs. Today, I had a training meeting for work at the Microsoft store in Park Meadows mall. We frequent that mall at least once a month, but it was my first time to step foot inside that store. It was a really cool meeting venue and I have to confess that I actually enjoyed myself AND learning some features of the software I use. The Microsoft employees were friendly and super helpful. I confess I've been a little snobbish towards Microsoft. I'm not ready to convert to a PC or anything but I am willing to admit the store was awesome (even if they did pattern their entire store plan after Apple)!

6. Since I was at the mall, I decided to knock out a few errands after my meeting. My friend was telling me about this rooibos tea from Teavana that she really likes so I decided to bop in there and buy some. And while I was there I decided to buy two different teas that I could mix together. I guess I misunderstood the price of tea to be by the pound instead of the ounce so I ended up spending an INSANE (ungodly, horrific, shameful, astronomic, irresponsible, pick-your-adjective) amount of money on tea. I simultaneously wanted to cry and throw up when I realized my mistake in calculating the price. John was cool about it when I told him and I was thankful since he could have been quite upset. 

7. My kids are taking TCAP tests for the next few weeks. I intensely dislike standardized testing but I LOVE that teachers aren't allowed to assign homework during TCAPs. It's been so nice. I almost wish they took TCAPs every day just to get out of of homework. (I know. That's sick and twisted.)( I don't really wish that.)(I just wish homework would go away forever.)

8. I don't like basketball. At all. I love football. I like baseball, hockey, tennis, and almost every other sport. But basketball? I just don't like it. HOWEVER, Will's high school is in the state semi-finals today and has a great shot at winning the state championship so I'm trying to be interested in more than the score. Today, coming home from Denver, I met the basketball team's bus on the interstate as they were heading to Boulder for the game. There was a huge group of parents and students standing all along the last overpass before heading out of town and they were wearing our school colors and waving flags and holding a huge banner wishing the team good luck at their game. It was so cool that I got to see it. Unbelievable timing! And it made me really proud to be a part of this community. 

The last two Thursdays have been my Fridays. I'm not sure I remember how to handle a five day week. Guess I better figure it out because it's not over yet! :)


Anonymous said...

The exact same thing happened to me at Teavana!!!! They had me mixing teas together and I didn't realize how much tea fit into the container...needless to say I walked out of there with $225 worth of tea. I was mortified....I wanted to tell them but the two teas were already mixed together.....yikes...I haven't been back to that store since..hahahaha!!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm so glad it wasn't just me! I didn't come close to the amount you spent but it still makes me cringe to think how much I dropped in that store. It better taste realllllly good to the last leaf. :)

Anonymous said...

I finally got caught up on your blog! For some reason, I forgot about the whole blog world this year....maybe it has something to do with Pinterest. Why are you not on it? I get great organization & craft ideas plus recipes on it.

I wholeheartedly agree with #3 but I'm debating our friendship after reading #8! :) Actually, I love playing it & seeing live games but don't really enjoy watching it on TV.

Becky Rhymes

SandyM said...

I'm SO glad you are addicted! To "our" game...
And I'd probably be that SUV on your tail trying to hurry you up... I do have a bad habit of "speeding": not much, but just have a heavy foot & always have had one.
I went into Teavana once... but DID realize the prices & decided I could do without it. I like tea, but I'm not a connosiour of it (sorry, can't remember how to spell that.) But I like the feeling in there... quiet, good smells, etc.

Stephanie Kay said...

I confess, I speed. Most of the time. Not a whole lot, just 5-10 over because I'm also afraid of a ticket. Which I've never received. Though I was pulled over once driving home from OBU for the weekend. I was within 2 miles of the house. Seriously. I got that close. Thankfully he only gave me a warning!