Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One-on-one time

Yesterday I was able to spend some one on one time with each of my children. It was one of those days when things just fell into place perfectly and it all felt very right.

First up was Abbey. She had an appointment for an eye exam yesterday morning. About a month ago, her math teacher let me know that she seemed to be squinting quite a bit and she suspected that Abbey was having trouble seeing the board. I made an eye appointment for her that got bumped a few times due to TCAP testing and the optometrist being on vacation but we finally got her eyes checked and sure enough, she needed a prescription for her distance vision. She picked out some VERY cute frames and we got her glasses ordered. She can't wait for them to arrive and I know she'll look adorable in them. She chatted my ear off all the way there and all the way home (and all the time in between). That girl LOVES it when she has a captive audience.

Shortly after Abbey's eye appointment, I had to leave for an appointment of my own and Will wanted to tag along because I was headed to Colorado Springs and he wanted me to let him stop by the video game store. He was horrified when he found out my appointment was for a mammogram but he put on a brave face and waited patiently for me to finish. On the way to the game store, he asked me a few (tentative) questions about my appointment. Mostly he was concerned that I was okay (I had a biopsy last year after an abnormal mammogram) and we had a good conversation about the importance of preventative medicine and taking our health seriously. I thought it was sweet that he was worried about me. After our video game store errand, he was hinting around that he needed a snack so much to his delight we grabbed some hot wings and soda to-go and chatted over our favorite snack while I drove back home. He's fifteen and not super chatty these days so any time he spends talking to me is time I cherish. Needless to say, our afternoon together was really sweet for me.

Abbey spent the night with a friend last night so I told Sarah she was welcome to invite a friend or two to come for a sleepover. She thought about it but told me she'd rather go see The Hunger Games with me instead, so we had a movie date! I read the books and liked them but to be honest, I really had no desire to see the movie until she said she wanted to see it with me. It ended up being pretty good and true to the book, and I loved the time with Sarah. After the movie she wanted to go to Starbucks and I obliged, but by the time we got there it was closed. She was sad because she really wanted one of their cake pops. I told her we should figure out how to make them but she was already a step ahead of me. She'd found a recipe earlier and rattled off everything we needed to make our own. Since our Starbucks plan had failed, we headed to Walmart to buy the stuff to make cake pops later today. I'll let you know how they turn out. We also bought the stuff to make these yarn eggs that I saw on Deidre's blog. Sarah was chatty the entire night (except during the movie, of course) and I loved every minute of it. As did she. She loves attention as much as her sister. Must be a girl thing!

One-on-one time with each of them is so special to me and it was the PERFECT way to spend a day of our spring break! More fun is on tap today too! Have I mentioned that I love spring break? I really really do!


Katrina @ Pics, Pages & Purls said...

what great time with you and your kids! Love those yarn eggs!

Unknown said...

Sounds like such a fun day!

On Tuesdays I take G to Girls Scouts and A gets to hang out with me. We usually head to Starbucks or Trader Joe's for groceries. But he isn't picky. I am praying that he still enjoys it as much as I do as he gets older!

Terri said...

Perfection!! I love getting my boys one-on-one...oh, the things I learn! HA!