Monday, March 19, 2012

Five...times five

Five things I'm enjoying today:
1. Not having to pack lunch for my 4th grader today! I think she's eaten at school three times in the last three years. Seriously.
2. Pioneer Woman's Restaurant-Style Salsa. You guys have GOT to try this stuff. A friend gave me some on Friday and we devoured it. I made a batch yesterday afternoon and I don't think I'll ever buy salsa again. My kids go through about a quart of salsa a week so I'm guessing I'll keep ingredients for this stuff on hand from now on. We all love it!
3. Smart Wool ballet flats socks. I am in love with these socks. They're small enough that you don't see them when wearing ballet shoes but are enough of a layer to keep my (always) cold feet warm!
4. Pebbles in my shoes. I know that sounds weird but I love it when I take off my hiking shoes and see all the small pebbles/grit in there. It gives me a weird sense of accomplishment. And makes me even more thankful for my Dyson!
5. This tea strainer. I bought this strainer the same day that I bought the ridiculously-expensive-tea and I was planning to return it because I felt sick about how much money I spent. John talked me into keeping it and now I'm glad because I really, really love it.

Five things I'm looking forward to:
1. Celebrating John and Abbey's birthday this week!
2. Will's track meet!
3. Spring Break! It begins Friday at 4pm!
4. A trip to Denver to The Pioneer Woman's book-signing!
5. The return of Don Draper on Sunday!
(Lots of exclamation points in that list!)(Smile!)

Five things on my to-do list:
1. Recruit and schedule volunteers for a school event next month.
2. Call and schedule a mammogram. I was waiting for them to send me a reminder card but it looks like that isn't going to happen.
3. Pull out Abbey's "First Year" scrapbook in anticipation of her birthday. Wrap her gifts and do a little birthday decorating. BUY a birthday gift for my husband who is incredibly hard to shop for and whose birthday is the same day as Abbey's! Running out of time and ideas!
4. Schedule haircuts for my kiddos.
5. Figure out what my kids are wearing for Easter. It's really the only day that we dress up for church here, but we always seem to find more than one occasion to wear those clothes again so it's money well spent.

Five people who are on my mind and in my prayers:
1. A friend who is having brain surgery next week. Praying for her family too. She's not sure if the mass they're removing is malignant or not.
2. A friend in Peru on a medical mission trip this week. She's hoping not to meet an anaconda. :)
3. My kids and a couple of situations they're facing--each situation is unique but all have interesting parallels.
4. Another friend facing an impossibly hard family situation.
5. For my friend, Joanne. ------------------------------>
I think about her and pray for her so often.

Five random things:
1. The week before spring break is cuh-razy!
2. There are a few days each month that I am a complete grump to live with. My husband is saint to put up with me and offer grace instead of anger in return for everything I dish out during those few days.
3. I hate it when our dog eats my lip balm. Yet another tube of Burt's Bees met it's demise yesterday afternoon. It was my last remaining tube (that I could actually locate when I needed it) and holy cow, it's been so dry here that I've been using it constantly. My lips are in desperate need of relief.
4. I'm pondering the idea of relationship without trust. Or more specifically, relationship without risk. I just don't think it can exist. Maybe it can but it's more along the lines of "familiarity" than relationship. That's a thinky thing I'm trying to sort out. It actually might be the subject of a good blog post once I unpack my thoughts a bit more.
5. I have some really beautiful and brave friends. Their passion for things like fair trade, trafficked girls, adopting foster children, working with special needs children, and just being a blessing to those around them INSPIRES me so much. I am so deeply thankful for the friendships God has given me.


Gretchen said...

Now I am craving P.W.'s Salsa! Love that stuff! I could eat it with a spoon ... besides, chips just add more calories!

Love this 5x5 idea. May I borrow??

SZM said...

okay, you've convinced me...I shall make the salsa. No need for those socks here...already in flip flops. Kinda early for that, even here in NC.

Holly said...

Thank you for sharing the recipe, Mer! I just happened to read this before my grocery trip. Noah and I just made it ... Even unchilled, it is delicious! Miss you!

Jennifer said...

We love salsa, so this just may be on my 'making list' this week. We are on spring break it! 9 days of no alarm clocks=heaven! :)

Hope all is well.

Terri said...

This salsa is so easy, and SO GOOD! My family will no longer eat store bought salsa since I started making this. It makes a huge amount, like 12-13 cups, but somehow it always gets eaten right up.

Michelle (LemonadeGal) said...

I love your lists!

I have been making that same salsa recipe for a few years. My family thinks I'm a genius. If they only knew how simple it was. :) I got is off a recipe board as a copy cat of Chili's salsa. YUM!

Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

I didn't know PW was coming! I'm so out of the loop these days. Must investigate.

I'm super intrigued about your relationship/trust/familiarity thoughts. Run with that one, Mer! Or let's chat!!!

SandyM said...

I started making PW salsa about a year ago & the 1st time I made it my hubby said, "You don't ever need to buy salsa again!" And I haven't. It kind of bothered me that it was made w/canned tomatoes (I like to make everything w/fresh stuff..) but I heard recently that because of the way they are processed immediately after picking & w/such great processing now, that they are better for us than the fresh ones we buy in the grocery. So now I like it even better! I double the recipe if we're having friends/family over so there will be some left...LOL!

I like your "pondering"... Thinking that sometimes we can't/don't want to get out of a relationship even though the trust is broken, & really there is risk in every relationship. But I look forward to you unpacking your thoughts a bit more...