Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pushover Parents

So today is a double birthday day at our house. My husband is celebrating his 45th birthday (my, my) and our youngest daughter is celebrating her 10th--and her arrival into double digits! It's a fun day!

John told me this morning that he was sorry for making this a hard day for me. One birthday is hard, but two is harder. I told him there was no need for apology--because I truly love that they share a birthday--and reminded him that WE chose this day for her to be born. We chose it because my OB was in private practice and was leaving on the 23rd for a spring break trip. I really wanted him to deliver Abbey (and not some strange doctor) and since I was several days past my due date he agreed to induce. Abbey thinks it is super special to share a birthday with her dad. John is a good sport to share the spotlight.

ANYWAY... the title of this post is pushover parents. That's us. 

Abbey's birthday has never fallen on a school day; it has always always fallen during spring break. This year our district moved our spring break to a different week and consequently Abbey's birthday fell on a school day. And a day of standardized testing as well. BOOO!

She started begging a few weeks ago to let her open gifts on the night before her birthday. Her reasoning? Everyone is gone for work and school by the time she gets up in the mornings (she starts 1.5 hours after Will/Sarah) and she'd have to wait until after dinner on her actual birthday for us all to be home again. Evidently that is torture when you're turning ten years old.

We thought it over and it made sense. Will has a track meet this afternoon that will run into the dinner hour tonight and I actually have a meeting after dinner that I can't miss. So, we caved and had our family celebration last night.

Abbey chose Noodles & Co for a family dinner because her favorite food in the world is macaroni and cheese, and theirs is dee-lish-ous. We haven't eaten there in years (and Abbey reminds us of that frequently). 
Then we came home and let her open gifts! She got a bed for her American Girl dolls and let's just say she was VERY happy. John opened his gifts too, but they weren't nearly as exciting. Grin.

We had some ice cream and started making cupcakes for her to take to school to share with her class this afternoon. And then we just let her play with her stuff. 

I think she had a great night. And of course the celebrating continues today...
March 22 is a super fun day at our house! And obviously, March 21 is too. Smile.


Deidre said...

Well, I can certainly see the logic in opening a day early.

Emma would LOVE that bed!!! They are crazy over AG right now.

Happy, Happy Birthday John and Abbey!!

Gretchen said...

Being a pushover parent is usually a negative thing, but girlie, I'm a TOTAL pushover when it comes to making their special day(s) all about them. Way to go, Mom!!!
Tell A that I LOVE Noodles & Co. too. My favorite is the indonesian chicken pasta dish. It's so spicy it makes my nose run! :)

Stephanie Kay said...

Celebrating early makes sense to me! Looks like she enjoyed the celebration. :)