Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday sundries

I'm sitting here sipping my exorbitant (yet delicious) tea and looking outside at the brilliant blue sky. The last few days have been near perfect and make me deliriously happy and thankful that we get to live in Colorado. I hiked with a friend yesterday and got up early to walk again today and I hope to goodness to squeeze in a hike with John tomorrow. Here's a pic from yesterday's hike. See? Why would I possibly want to stay indoors?
In other random news...
I bought some new socks the other day. Riveting, huh? I actually love new socks. I put a new pair on before I walked this morning and sighed a happy sigh. Little things make me so happy.

Know what else makes me happy? Winning at Bunco! I won $20 for most Buncos last night. So fun! Now to decide what to spend it on. $20 doesn't go very far these days, does it?

Moving on.

I've avoided Pinterest for a very, very long time, mainly because I don't need one more way to waste time online. I'm feeling pressure to cave though after listening to friend after friend talk about all of the great ideas, recipes, and crafts they get from there. A friend made the cutest "birthday book" for another friend in our Bunco group last night. Of course she got the idea from Pinterest. Of course. Am I the only Pinterest holdout??? I'm starting to believe I am.

Last weekend Abbey and I were driving somewhere and were talking about her cousins in Arkansas. Bottom line is that we miss them a lot and wish we didn't live so far away. I asked her if she thought she'd ever like to live in Arkansas again (and don't read anything into that because this was just a "what if" that came out of my mouth) and she said no. I asked her why and she said, "Because Colorado is so beautiful and we don't have very many natural disasters here." Well, there ya go. I should probably tell you that that girl is TERRIFIED of tornados. She's determined not to live anywhere near them.

I mentioned that this post was going to be random, right?

I think I just ran out of random.

Happy Saturday, peeps. If you live in the Co Springs area GET OUTSIDE AND ENJOY THIS GORGEOUS DAY. (Yes, I'm shouting in all caps because that's an order!)


Katrina @ Pics, Pages & Purls said...

it is a lovely day out! Love the picture. :) So about Pinterest...DON'T do it! I'm on it however...I only time myself to be on for so long and then I have to get off. Way to much cool stuff to suck the hours out of my life. $20 should by you a nice pair of socks ;) What kind of socks did you get?

Beth said...

it IS a lovely day!! My kids have been playing outside for hours already today and we have a nice long walk/run planned for later today. lovely!

Kristi Lonheim said...

I am still a hold out as well. I can't justify more online time, even if there are great ideas out there. (I don't have time for great ideas right now anyway.) Don't let the peer pressure drag you in. :)

Stephanie Kay said...

Wow! That pic is gorgeous!! Makes me jealous. As for tornadoes, I lived in AR for 22 years and only experienced 2 come anywhere close to me. Oddly enough 1 was in Arkadelphia (1997) and the other was driving from Malvern to Arkadoo when I was a kid (c.1982/83).

Jeff and Steph said...

I come over to your blog from Kelly's Korner sometimes (I live in the south Denver area) and I'm totally holding out on Pinterest! I will not cave!! Ha! And yes, Colorado is the BEST! We've been here for almost 5 years and still has not gotten old!