Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Sometimes I need these kinds of blog posts to help my writer's block!

Current Books: I'm getting really ashamed of reporting how uninterested I am in any kind of book these days, but in the interest of keeping things real I'll just go ahead and tell you that I've read basically nothing besides my Lent devotional lately.

Current Playlist: A mix of 80s tunes. I loved the 80s. 

Current Color: Lime green! It's sooooo springy!

Current Drink: Water, and my expensive tea, of course. The good news is that I've used almost all of  that loose tea (it barely lasted two weeks) so I can quit talking/blogging about it. Aren't you glad? :)

Current Food: I bought some Tortilla Land uncooked flour tortillas at Costco the other day. OH MY WORD--they are the BEST TORTILLAS EVER! (Yes, I'm shouting! Because they're THAT good!) You have to cook them before you eat them but it only takes about a minute or so and they taste so much better than any kind you buy on the bread aisle. I couldn't help eating them straight from the pan with butter on them. I need to see if I can find someplace that sells their corn variety because the flour/gluten wasn't my friend. 

Current Favorite Favorite: This nail polish. Taupe on a rope. It goes with everything. (I would have taken a picture of my nails BUT my phone is telling me I have no more space for photos. Guess I need to upload the 899 photos on my phone to my computer.)(Am I the only one who never does that?)

Current Wish List: Can't think of one single thing.

Current Needs: Spring/summer workout attire. We got our REI dividend yesterday which should come in handy for that purchase. :)

Current Triumph: I have a fitness goal for myself of hiking the Incline 2x a month. Well, so far this month I've been THREE times. I consider that a triumph!

Current Annoyance: Every clock in my house (and our vehicles) is set to a different time. I'm just a teensy bit OCD and it's driving me cuh-razy! It doesn't seem to bother anyone else in my family though.

Current Indulgence: Gluten. I wish it made me violently ill so I'd quit eating it! I just can't help myself sometimes--tortillas, pizza crust, pie on Pi day--I'm paying for it but can't seem to care enough to stop! I sense a detox coming soon.

Current Mood: Happy!

Current Blessing: Will's track meet for this afternoon got moved to a different day so I'm off the hook for working concessions this afternoon AND I got some unexpected time at home with my family. Double blessing.

Current Outfit: I'm still in my workout clothes from the Inline this AM--black tights, lime green fleece, hiking shoes. I need to finish this post and shower!

Current Excitement: I get to celebrate two birthday peeps this week!

Current Link: I mentioned yesterday that I have some friends who are passionate about certain issues. One of those issues is fair trade and I've learned a WHOLE lot from this friend about how our purchasing patterns affect others around the globe. This website--SlaveryFootprint--is fascinating. When you have a minute (or five) take some time and read the main page, then take the survey. My results indicate that my buying habits keep about SIXTY slaves working for me. That literally makes me feel sick. Awareness is the first step to change.


Stephanie said...

You have to quit linking all this yummy stuff you find at Costco. I typically shop Sam's because it's closer (and I am a fan), but I have a Costco card and it's farther away. We bought some of the breaded fish that you mentioned a few posts ago and made fish tacos ... oh. my. yum. We've already gone through our whole bag! I thought it would last longer, but two of my kids kept asking me for fish and I wasn't expecting that, but yay! :)

Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

Yeah. Those tortillas are the BOMB!!!

I wish I lived closer so we could hike together. Actually Gary's coming upon some time off (3 month sabbatical, baby!!!) so maybe I'll take a day off here and there and come hike with you. Yes?

SZM said...

I was in workout clothes until 5:15 tonight! I exercised at 9:45 this morning. I wish I could hike with you!

Jeff and Steph said...

Hi Meredith! Thanks for YOUR comment! No one ever comments on my blog! (it's only grandparents and and handful of far-away friends that read it anyway!) We are not natives- moved here from Indiana almost 5 years ago. LOVE driving by Monument- its soooo pretty! Not spent time there, though. What is this "incline" that you speak of?