Wednesday, May 30, 2007

All is Quiet

All is quiet around here at the moment. It's been a loud couple of days with those cool Thunderbirds flying overhead. We LOVE it, but loud is definitely an understatement. I took the kids to the park for lunch and tried my darndest to capture the coolness with these digital pics. You'll probably have to zoom in close, but I think you can see 'em. I hope so anyway.

Yesterday turned out to be perfect. No jury duty for me. Woohoo! I didn't find out until about noon that I wasn't needed, but let me assure you I was doing the happy dance. I had a couple of friends on standby to watch the kids. When I called to tell them they were off the hook too, one of them invited me to lunch and had her kids babysit so we could go sans children. It was wonderful. We were sitting at Panera Bread eating our very yummy Fuji Apple Chicken salad and watching the Thunderbirds flying all around us. It doesn't get much better than that. Well, it could have been warmer actually. It was 43 degrees and I was FREEZING! But I didn't protest when she suggested ice cream for dessert. Caramel ice cream with caramel and walnuts mixed in is just to...die...for!

On Monday, John took us all to the Dinosaur Resource Center in Woodland Park. Since gas has never been cheaper, we decided it would be nice to trek up and down the Front Range this weekend. The dinosaur museum was great and Woodland park is beautiful. Will absolutely loved it and John and I found it absolutely fascinating. I'm still not sure what the girls thought. It was such a nice day that we grabbed lunch from Sonic afterwards and found a nice park with a picnic bench. Very fun! We even got to watch a couple of kids catch a couple of fish. When we got home, John let me go shopping alone. I don't like to shop much to begin with, but shopping with kids is sheer punishment. On those rare occasions that I *have* to take them with me, I'm never sure of what I've done to deserve such torture. Anyway, I needed to buy some new summer uniforms (capris and t-shirts) so John sent me off by myself with a wad of cash. Very nice. And I didn't bring home one bit of change. A good shopping day indeed!

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