Monday, May 21, 2007

Winding Down

Things are winding down for me. I can't believe I'm saying this on a Monday morning. Mondays are when things usually start crankin' up around here. But I'm so thankful for the change of pace this week.

Abbey is feeling much better today. She's looking and acting like herself and I think the worst is behind us. I kept her home from preschool this morning just to be sure, and because of the 24-hour rule about vomiting. She's not 100% but all seems well. And we're thankful. I was tucking her in last night and she likes me to lay on her bed with her for a few minutes. It's one of my favorite moments of the day. I told her we needed to thank Jesus for answering our prayers for her to stop throwing up and feel better. And she says, "Yeah, mom, 'cause Jesus healed me". And we believe He did and thanked Him for it. I love how tender her little heart is and how tender it is towards the heart of her Father. Very sweet.

She felt well enough for us to go to the awards assembly today for Will and Sarah. Thankfully they had a combined ceremony for their grades (saving me two trips up to school!), and it was outside and beautiful. Will got an award for Effort and Sarah got an award for Problem Solving. Don't ask me what that specifically means; it wasn't explained well even to me. But I'm proud of them both. Extremely proud. They've both served their classes as Student Council reps this year so they had the honor of serving cookies to the parents afterwards. I know that Abbey isn't 100% when she refuses a cookie.

So we have some new neighbors next door. They moved in on Friday and we met them briefly on our way out the door. They're from Illinois and have a girl Abbey's age, and a little guy who's 2. Will was bummed about that. He's way out-numbered by the girls in our neighborhood and was hoping someone close to his age would move in. Anyway, they seem nice. We'll miss our old neighbor though. He was a single guy. His name was John and he was really nice. He had a pond in his front yard which he stocked with goldfish and it was a huge attraction for all the neighborhood kids. Prayers of the People is part of the liturgy at our church and every Sunday we participate in a few minutes of guided prayer. During one part, we're specifically asked to "pray by name for those who need salvation in Jesus". So every Sunday for the last 2+ years we've been praying for "John, our neighbor". Even though we like him, we don't know him well, but I had to laugh a few months ago (and wonder if my prayers availed much!) when he told us he was moving to a larger city to enter seminary to become a priest! Who knows? Funny though isn't it?

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