Friday, May 04, 2007

salad, anyone?

We've had a very wet winter. Lots of snow and lately, we've had lots of rain. Things are greening up quite nicely here and it's nice to see things starting to bud and bloom. One thing I haven't been pleased to see bloom are the dandelions in our front yard. I'm not talking a dozen or so...I'm talking hundreds and hundreds. We have the worst lawn on our street (no kidding) and everyday this week our yard full of bright yellow dandelions have drawn some serious attention to our lack of lawn upkeep. Ugh. I'm trying to talk (beg is more like it) John into getting outside tomorrow and doing some yard work. He's not enthusiastic and he's probably praying for rain. Anyway, this morning I open the Denver Post and pull out the GROW section. Chock full of gardening tips, one of which touts the edibility of dandelions. Even includes a dandelion salad recipe. Folks, I think I could get away with not buying lettuce until October. But for terrific flavor it says you should eat the greens before they flower. Looks like we missed our salad window.

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