Friday, May 04, 2007

laundry limit

i'm feeling kind of bloggy today; this is my third post. maybe it's because i'll do just about anything rather than attend to my laundry at this moment. how many loads of laundry can one do before reaching her laundry limit? i'm on my 8th load. seriously. this is what happens when i have a day i get to spend *mostly* at home. i get to (have to) play serious catch-up. i have a couple more loads to go to be completely caught up. but i may put it off until tomorrow, because while 10 loads of laundry in one day may make it sound like i'm incredibly productive (are you reading this honey?) the truth is that is just crazy. remember, i have a lot of sloth in me. sadly, if i had more days at home like today i might not have to do 10 loads to catch up. and we've have the pick of our closet to choose from every morning. *sigh*

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