Sunday, May 20, 2007

Shrek the Third

Okay, we're Shrek fans. I didn't let my kids watch Shrek for a long time, but once I caved in to the pressure, we were hooked. I took them a few summers ago to see Shrek 2. My sister went with me and we laughed so hard we had diet coke coming out our noses. Very, very funny. So, we've been gearing up all week for the release of Shrek the Third. We schemed all week to get John to take us to see it and that was our plan for today.

We were awakened at 5:00am this morning with a small hiccup in the plan. Actually, John was awakened. I generally sleep through almost everything...even my children puking. That's what woke John up. He heard Abbey in her bed coughing her "I'm fixin' to frow up" cough. Yep, our baby was sick. We always hold our breath when Abbey starts vomiting. Once that kid gets going it is difficult to get her to stop, and almost impossible to keep any fluids in her. We've made at least 4 trips to the ER in the last couple of years for IV fluids and two of those times they've admitted her overnight because her dehydration was so severe. Scary stuff. So we hold our breath and pray like crazy.

The morning was rough, but I'm very thankful to report that she's doing fine this evening. She's running around bossing everyone around and that means she's back to her normal self. I overheard her tell John she doesn't feel so "frow-uppy anymore". She's kept some saltines and a couple popsicles down and she's not looking so pale anymore. I'm very grateful that when this stuff happens these days the duration seems to grow shorter.

So back to Shrek 3. Will and Sarah woke up this morning and realized what was going on with Abbey and knew that kinda changed our plans. They were sweet about it. They each put their hands on Abbey and prayed for her and then said we'd go see Shrek another day. Mid-morning, John decided I should go ahead with the plan and take Will and Sarah to the movie. So we went. And enjoyed it very much! John and Abbey are going to go see it together as soon as they can find time. Abbey is thrilled that she'll have daddy to herself. It's her "daddy date". We're so glad she's better. It is so pitiful when she's sick. But please pray that she'll continue to improve and fully recover before her last day of school on Wednesday!

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