Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fare Thee Well

Well, today is the day I say goodbye to lunchboxes, homework, reading logs, backpacks, volunteer duties and to four really great teachers. Whew. What a year it's been! Very, very good, but I must say that I'm looking forward to doing much of nothing for the next 3 months of summer.

Only it's not feeling much like summer here today. Highs in the 40s. Yuck. No sooner do we pack our fleece away than we're pulling it back out and over our heads! Actually I never really pack it away; we need it for our cool summer nights! But it's pretty chilly out there today. Abbey's class had a party to celebrate their last day of school and I couldn't believe the teacher insisted on doing it outside. I should've protested because it was freezing out there...even with my layers on. I was thankful when we could go back inside just so I could thaw out! Definitely not feeling like May. And I'm not even going to tell you what is in the forecast for tonight. It's becoming a very bad four-letter word around here.

Yesterday was a weird weather day too. Went to the park with Sarah's class for the annual end of the year picnic and they were there about 15 minutes before it started raining. And lightning. At our elevation, lightning is something you don't mess around with. I wasn't feeling real safe in under the metal pavilion, let me tell ya. The kids loaded the buses in a nick of time before the hail started POURING. Bizarre. Here's a pic I took on the way back to school. The hail was a 'comin down let me tell you! Minnie-the-van was fine, but I was worried 'cause it sounded like rocks hitting our car!

And lest you think they went back to school and actually did some school work, let me assure you they DID NOT! They went to Plan B which included a Disney movie and huge quantities of popcorn. Why they even make 'em go to school the last few days is beyond me.

Miss Abbey and her daddy had their date last night. He took her to dinner and a movie. Dinner was Chick-Fil-A (her choice, I'm sure) and the movie was Shrek the Third. If I didn't tell you already, don't waste your $$ at the theater. It just wasn't a very good movie. Usually by the third film in the series, they're having to try HARD to come up with original stuff. They had fun though and that's the most important thing.

Will and Sarah and I stayed up and watched the Dancing With the Stars finale. Way to go Apolo!!! We love that guy!!!!! So glad he can add that lovely trophy to his Olympic medal collection!

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