Tuesday, May 08, 2007

first things first

So Will had a track meet last night that was cancelled because of the snow. Well actually the snow had melted but the field was a muddy, mucky mess, so they gave us the night off. John got home from work and said to Will, "Sorry about your track meet, bud." But Will wasn't sad. His response? "It's fine dad, really. Now I don't have to miss Dancing With the Stars." To which John and I laughed, but John was mostly laughing because he knows that Will is like me in so many ways. Yeah, I'm kinda obsessive about things like thar too. And anyway, we're cheering for Apolo (our local boy!) and Julianne. They ROCK!


Anonymous said...

I can't deny that your favs really danced beautifully last night! Before their last dance, I was pulling for Ian all night because of his beautiful smile...and good dancing, of course.

The first season of DWTS, I watched every week. Since then I haven't been as obsessed but I did catch last night's program. Fun!

Lindsay said...

My fav on DWTS is Billy Rae Cyrus and his partner.

Do you enjoy American Idol as much as DWTS. Sean Michel from Arkansas was on at the start. I'm pulling for Latisha, the single Mom.