Friday, May 04, 2007


After lamenting on Monday about the myriad of things lost in our home, I have to tell you about something I found yesterday.

I was heading up to school one morning this week and needed to give some of my yearbook committee their copy of the yearbook. We want the students/parents to be surprised when they get their copy in a couple of weeks so I was searching for a manila envelope to conceal the book. I rummaged through my closet, found what I was looking for, and dumped the contents of an old envelope onto my bed.

On my bed were a dozen or so birthday cards...the juvenile type...that I'd saved from a long ago party, probably to include in their scrapbook or something (which obviously never happened). The cards got moved from the bed to a pile in the floor and yesterday Abbey picked 'em up and reading them. Turns out they were from Will's first birthday. 10 years ago. And in one of the cards I found a $20 bill. $20. Wow. And when I read the card it was from one of the Sunday School classes at our church in Stephens. They asked me to use the money to buy something he'd like.

For a nano-second, I considered giving it to Will, but I figured that after 10 years I've bought him TONS of things he likes. I pocketed the bill before Abbey saw it (and tried to claim it), and then promptly spent the entire twenty dollars on my afternoon trip to the grocery store. ugh.

But I actually *found* something this week and I'm truly amazed.

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