Friday, July 20, 2007

and it just keeps comin'...

Seriously, the schwag just keeps pouring in. Almost every day this week, John has opened up his bag and produced some sort of goodie for me. I told you about the WOW hymns cd, but let me SHOW you some of the other great cds I got this week! And my huge thanks to DP who keeps passing this stuff my way.

Oooohh...I LOVE Jars of Clay, and Todd Agnew, and Barlow Girl, and the others look great too...I just haven't had time to listen to all them yet! Oh and a Chris Rice Chris Rice, but didn't get that cd in the photo.

He also brought me this book. I've been reading about it on a couple of other blogs that I keep up with and looking forward to it's release...and very own copy! Yea. It's a book about social justice. I started reading it last night and I LIKE IT VERY MUCH, but it's hard reading because it makes me realize my complacency and how very tightly my own eyes are closed to the injustice all around me.

And...yesterday I won a Monk and Neagle cd. You really SHOULD go over to their site (click on the button below) and listen to the "Twenty-First Time", and the other 4 songs too! Amazing. I can't wait to get this cd in the mail. Their music is AWESOME, and this particular song goes hand-in-hand with the Justice in the Burbs book. I love it when God brings things all together like that for me!

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Diane@Diane's Place said...

Boy, the treasures just keep falling in your lap, Mer!

And I won one of the M & N CD's yesterday, too. :-)

Love and hugs,


Unknown said...

I got the M&N CD, too, and I really like it. Chris Rice is also one of my favorites. I need to check out his new CD, I think.