Sunday, July 01, 2007

a perfect weekend

John and I just returned from a perfect weekend. Two nights in a cabin in the mountains. Lots of sunshine. A couple of great hikes. Hammocks. Cool mountain air. Aspen trees. And lots of rest and relaxation. I told him on the drive home that should he ever want to surprise me with a trip to the beaches of Mexico or Jamaica that he should quickly dismiss the idea, and take me to the mountains instead. I'm a mountain girl. That is where my heart comes alive!

We found a great cabin just west of here. Remember my post a week or so ago about our friends S and G? Okay, their names are Steve and Gwen. They have a soul care ministry called Potter's Inn and their property has two beautiful cabins, one of which we rented for the weekend. It is such a beautiful and peaceful place and was a perfect place to spend the weekend. Here are some pics...

We were up at Potter's Inn in early May (it was 20 degrees and snowing hard) and Steve took us on an abbreviated (because it was freezing) hike of The Prayer Trail. It is a very unique trail that they created when they bought the property. There are stations along the trail where you are encouraged to sit and pray and reflect, and if Steve or Gwen don't personally walk the trail with you, they'll give you a guide they've written to help you maximize your experience. I can't say enough about it to do it justice...just know it is beautiful, and stirring, and sacred. There is one reflection spot that I just love. It is called The Cleft, and there is a huge rock there that has a little space you can sit and "be held". It is symbolic of God holding us, and it just about makes me cry every time I wedge myself into that space. Beautiful.

We didn't leave the cabin until this morning when we set off to hike The Crags. We'd heard it was a beautiful hike, one of the 10 best in Colorado, but we had no idea. It took my breath away...

At the end of the trail, we're about 11,000 feet above sea level and you can see for mile and miles. We were looking down on two resorvoirs (this is kinda the back side of Pikes Peak though its not in this photo) and it is just a stunning view. Pictures really don't do it justice. And I'd like this photo better if that ugly, dead tree weren't smack in the middle. Oh well.

And on the way back down the mountain, I saw a beautiful Columbine...the state flower of Colorado, and just so beautiful.

The perfect ending to the perfect weekend. I am so blessed!


Pilgrim Path said...

Wow! I'd say God is pretty well-pleased with your marriage to bless you two with such an incredible gift on your anniversary! The Cleft is AMAZING!!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Looks like an amazing way to celebrate your anniversary! What gorgeous scenery, and I'll bet that prayer walk is unforgettable.

Have a wonderful week, Mer. Hope you do something great for the 4th. :-)