Wednesday, July 11, 2007

some things I'm praying for today...

...for my daughter, Sarah, who has a birthday later this week. I tell her each night as I tuck her in that she is beautiful, she is loved, and she is good. I pray that she will always believe these things with her whole heart, that she will laugh and love and dream, and that her big, beautiful heart will always be turned towards Jesus who is completely captivated by her.

...for our good friends who just had their third child. I'm so thankful for the beautiful gift this child is to their sweet family. (And I'm praying they'll get a little rest!)

...for my friend, J, and her mom, who has cancer. They found out last week that the cancer is winning the battle for her mom's life right now. My heart is so heavy for J. I'm praying that Jesus will hold that family close today, and tomorrow, and catch every tear that falls. And asking for miraculous healing in her mother's life.

...for a girl that my children love who is getting married on Saturday. I pray that Jesus will be lord over the myriad of details that will need her attention this week, for calmess of mind and spirit, and I ask you to bless H & J, as they commit their lives to each other before You.

...for the ability to trust You when things don't make any sense. For the ability to surrender (daily).

...for safe travel for John, who returns home a little later today from a business trip. Jesus, watch over him and bring him home to safely to those who love him most.


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Angie said...

Thanks for sharing about what you are praying about.

I'm praying for my friend S who had to have an emergency appendectomy today in a tiny hospital in here in Mozambique, and she doesn't speak the language and is far from home!

Answers to your questions:
We were last in the states in 04 and will be back next year - April to August, 08. We are 6 hours ahead of eastern time during daylight savings time. I feel very much at home here although I miss the U.S.. I don't miss the American lifestyle but I miss people and Target and Walmart. It's weird to think that since we left the U.S. in Dec. 97 we've only been back for a total of 11 months - once for 8 months, once for 3. We are definitely looking forward to being back next year. We will stay in a house in Minden, Louisiana.