Thursday, July 12, 2007


You know what swag is, right? If you're unfamiliar with that term, then click here to find what you've been missing out on.

John just returned from the International Christian Retailers Show in Atlanta. He was there schmoozing a bunch of authors and cool people in the world of Christian retail and, while that kinda stuff wears him out, I think it sounds like SO MUCH FUN. It's fair to say I've been living vicariously through J this week.

I decided after I went to San Diego with him in February, that I won't ever be accompanying him on business trips in the future. It's just not fun to be in a beautiful place without your children while your husband works non-stop. BUT, I think I might have made an exception for this trip...and mainly because of the SWAG!

The past two years, the ICRS (formerly called the CBA) was in Denver. And John got to attend at the invitation of his publisher. He came home with so much swag--cds, more books that I can count (and most of them were books I actually cared to read), t-shirts, and more. So, so cool. So, you can imagine how excited I was to see what he brought home (to me) this year.

Because he was working this year, he didn't have much time to walk the floor collecting stuff for me, but what he brought me was absolutely terrific.

I adore my Glory Revealed cd (swag from the spring) and recently discovered that there was a Glory Revealed BOOK. And my sweet guy knew how much I wanted it and snagged one for me. So happy about that. It just got bumped to the top of my reading list! If you'd like to read more about the cd and book, click here. I can't say enough about how much I love this's all scripture, and I there is nothing sweeter than hearing my children singing God's word. Love that!

He also brought me some other books...nothing great. Except maybe the The Ragamuffin Gospel Visual Edition. Some other things he collected include a bundle of greeting cards, a poster signed by Karen Kingsbury ('cause they ran out of books and made her sign posters) and some fun Jesus stickers. He brought each of the kids an Evan Almighty t-shirt. We haven't seen that movie yet, but it sure looks funny! Maybe we'll go this weekend.

All jobs have their perks, I guess, but I sure am enjoying the free loot that he brings home these days!


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Oooh....I want swag too, if that's what it is! LOL! ;D

Good for you, Mer. Let us know if it's worth the read. :-)

Love and hugs,


Lindsay said...

My fav would have been the Ragamuffin Gospel Visual edition. Sounds like a coffee table treasure.

Miss you, Mer.


Anonymous said...

I looked into going, but it wasn't open to the general public. :-(

Glad he had a good time and you got some goodies!

Anonymous said...

I was introduced to swag at the Chicago ALA convention three years ago...and continued the collecting last year in New Orleans....some good books, including Left to Tell, Google souvenirs (hat,t-shirt and keychains), a bobble-head Chaucer (from a publisher), Nanny McPhee DVD, and loads of other stuff (books, CD's, mugs, sticky-notes, pens & pencils). I even won a $100 Barnes & Noble gift certificate in a Jeopardy-like contest! I have a tendency to get carried away in the vendor area!

Holly said...

Ahhh, I thought a swag was the "scalloped" look on curtains...hmmm...didn't know that!

And now to go and look outside today :)

Annie said...

I'm glad I clicked on your link describing a swag, it corrected my thinking. What wonderful things to have brought home!
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