Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th, Ya'll!

We're back from our marathon road trip...and so happy to all be together again. We've got a very full day of parades, and friends, and grilled food, and fireworks. I'm also hoping to find some space in this day to rest.

Here's something I wrote about the 4th of July last summer. Our plans for the day are very similar again this year...with the exception of a 7:30 am flag ceremony and pancake breakfast at our next-door-neighbor's house. I told him last night that I wasn't going to promise him we'd be there...our kids are wiped and I plan on letting them sleep. They'll be up though because apparently he's going to play Reveille on his TRUMPET at 7:30 AM SHARP! Wow. Did I mention his flag pole is just outside the girls' bedroom?

I love the 4th of July. In fact, it is my favorite holiday. People look at me funny when I say that, but I'm serious! I think it has something to do with the fact that I LOVE summertime, love being outside, and love being around other people...and all those things are usually a part of our 4th celebrations. I remember as a kid waking up on the 4th of July to my dad playing John Phillips Sousa records on his old turntable. We'd usually have some sort of bar-b-que plans with friends and family, then we'd sit outside in our driveway and watch the Elks Club fireworks while being eaten alive by mosquitos. When I remember my childhood 4th of Julys, I smell smoke and Off insect repellent! Nice!

My favorite 4th of July ever was in 1990--the year John and I got married. We honeymooned in Boston, and were there for July 4. We sat on the banks of the St. Charles river and listened to the Boston Pops concert and watched the most amazing fireworks display we've ever seen! It was awesome and is forever etched in my memory!

This will be our third July 4th celebration in Colorado and we're making new traditions that I hope our children will remember fondly! Monument has a 4th of July parade, so we're heading down there in the morning. It is so much fun!!! It is a long 2 hours long...and there are floats, bands, firetrucks--the works. The kids love it because most of the float participants throw candy, and they scramble to collect as much as they possibly can! Politicians pass out popsicles, churches give out water bottles, and one dentist even throws toothbrushes to the crowd (we need them after all the candy!). Ours is a small town and it's doubly fun because you see so many people you know--spectators and parade participants! Tomorrow some friends from our small group at church are joining us. Should be fun for the kids and adults too.

I also love the 4th of July in Colorado because it's NOT usually hot! Our high tomorrow is supposed to be 77...and we'll need to take fleece with us to the park for fireworks. Nothing muggy or buggy about this holiday and I love it!

Tonight we invited some of our little neighborhood friends over to make firecracker hats for the parade tomorrow. I saw the idea in my Family Fun magazine and they are super cute. The kids went with me to Hobby Lobby this afternoon to get the stuff, and we set up two tables in our garage (it was raining) for craft-night! They turned out great and the kids will look quite festive tomorrow. We're also planning to have a little neighborhood bike parade tomorrow afternoon. We've invited some neighborhood kids to make a few loops around the block with us. Everyone is going to decorate their bike, wear their hats, and ride all together. I think it will be so much fun!

The downside to all this 4th of July fun is that John has to work at REI. We were both so surprised. We never even considered that he might be scheduled to work. After being off last week, and needing some time off this week for meetings, he's kinda at their we'll celebrate without him...and that is so hard for me. He feels so bad (and sad) about it too because he knows I love this holiday, and he likes it a lot himself. At least he'll be able to go to the park for fireworks with us. Our friend is a self-proclaimed fireworks snob and says the best show is in downtown Colorado Springs. I think we're going to trek down there even though we can see two really great displays from our backyard because it's always more fun with friends!

Happy 4th of July to you! Celebrate freedom this day!!!!!


Lindsay said...

Happy 4th of July to you too, Mer and family. Sounds like you have a fun day planned. Wish I were waking up in your guest room and joining you. My 4th will be quiet as nothing much happens in Arkadelphia.

I love your mention of your 4th in Boston. Bet it was amazing! I'll be headed to Boston in June 2008 for a librarian's conference.

My most memorable 4th was in Charlottesville, VA. A friend and I went to Monticello (Thomas Jefferson's home) where they had a naturalization ceremony for new US citizens.

Sorry John can't join you... What is REI? I thought he was working for David C. Cook.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mer..... man,what I wouldn't give for a trip to Sonic! I miss that place. I'd love to go there with you and catch up. :-)

I loved your description of your July 4th celebrations. I didn't know that people actually owned John Phillips Sousa records!

Your neighborhood sounds so fun. Makes me wish I lived on your street. I loved the firecracker hats. So cute.


Anonymous said...

P.S. Your kids are so cute!

angie (again)