Thursday, May 22, 2008

Miracle in a metered pump...

Have you ever found a product that worked so well that there was NO WAY you could keep this juicy information to yourself?

I have.

And I must tell you about it.

But first, let me caution you that this is a post about PMS. If you're a male reader (I know there are a few of you, and you know who you are) continue reading at your own risk.

I am severely affected by PMS. Honestly, I think I have about 1.5 good weeks out of every month. The other 2.5 weeks are characterized by irratibility, mood swings, weepiness, weight gain, bloating, cravings, lack of energy, and a few more unpleasant symptoms. It seems that the older I get the more severe my PMS becomes.

A while ago, a friend told me about this product. Phytoprolief Balancing Cream by Arbonne.

I can sum it up for you in one word: miraculous.

When I use this stuff consistently, my PMS symptoms almost completely disappear. A couple of months ago, I realized that I wasn't feeling great and was very tired and very emotional. And then I realized that I hadn't been using my cream. I started again (twice a day from day 12-26 of my cycle) and seriously, I was a different person. John even said to me one night before dinner..."whatever you're doing, keep doing it, because it's P minus two and you're actually laughing and in a good mood". I'm telling you, this stuff works. The difference for me when I use it is night and day!

Basically, it's a natural progesterone cream, but this particular brand also has some herbs in it that are good for female stuff. (By the way, I don't sell Arbonne products). There are a variety of natural progesterone creams available, and because this one is a bit on the pricey side, I'll probably try my local health food store for a replacement when this pump runs out.

I never realized how much is affected when your hormones are out of balance. As women age, they need more progesterone to keep estrogen from dominating their systems. Did you know that the following are all symptoms of estrogen dominance? (And these are just a FEW of the many symptoms.)

Accelerated aging
Breast cancer
Breast tenderness
Decreased libido
Depression (with anxiety or agitation)
Fat gain (especially around abdomen/hips/thighs)
Foggy thinking
Fybrocystic breasts
Hair loss
Memory loss
Mood swings
Sluggish metabolism
Thyroid dysfunction (mimicking hypothyroid)
Water retention, bloating

I've been reading a fascinating book about pre-menopause. Did you know that pre-menopause can begin in women as early as mid-thirties??? Seriously, I think every woman from thirty-fifty should read this book. It is eye opening to say the least.

The book talks a ton about the importance of hormonal balance, how to find out if you're out of whack, and how restore your hormone levels to their natural balanced state using a natural progesterone cream. It has lots of information about health and nutrition and is peppered with stories of real women who've experience amazing results with natural progesterone. I'm telling you, I'm a BIG believer. If you experience any of the above symptoms that I've described, please, please read this book (I checked it out from my public library!). It has the potential to change your life, or at the very least help you feel better!


His Girl said...

very very interesting... hmmmm. maybe i need to look into this!

Girl Raised in the South said...

Great stuff you shared here. Sounds like it's worth checking out for anyone at this stage, and I agree with you, peri-menopause can start way earlier than most women think.

Kim Heinecke said...

My girlfriends and I have used this for several years...and we refer to it as "crazy cream"...

Angie said...

I am could have been describing me almost to a T. And when I've talked to dr.s about (both men and women) they say "sorry honey, this is just what happens when you age!" Thanks for the info.. I'm going to look into it.

Kelly said...

I am going to an arbonne party next week and I'm picking some of that up. It sounds like something I really need!!! Thanks for the tip!!!

Leah Belle said...

I have friends who have had hysterectomies. Instead of taking man-made hormones in pill form, they use a cream that has been formulated just for them that includes the hormones they need in just he right amount. They swear by the stuff. sounds similar to what you describe.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing! I love to know how different products work on 'real people'. :)

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Natalie Witcher said...

Yep, crazy cream is the miracle cream fo sho!

*carrie* said...


I've been to a couple Arbonne parties but am unfamiliar with this product.

I'm glad you've found something that works so well for you! I definitely have more than one of the symptoms you listed and will keep this info in mind.

Jenn said...

I tried selling Arbonne three years ago and never tried this cream (I still use their products). But I had a friend who decided to start selling the products because of this product alone. She said it changed her life! She was very passionate about the cream - so much so that she is now a RVP (driving her Mercedes).
Thanks for the recommendation.

Leigh Ann said...

I'm glad you have found something that is helping you feel better. Arbonne does have some really great products. My mom started menopause at 34, so I know it can have an early onset. Thanks for the tip on the book!

Elizabeth said...

I am a believer too! Hormonal imbalance is a real struggle for many women (and for their families too). I think the birth control pill really messed with my body, so I got off of it and used this cream until I got pregnant and loved it. If you suspect a hormonal imbalance of any kind, a saliva test is the best way to measure your levels. There are not many doctors who do them, but there are a few. After you get your results a compounding pharmacist can create the exact cream you need. It's pretty amazing.

Thanks for the tip on the book. I haven't read that one. There's one called "From Hormone Hell to Hormone Well" that is also good.

Kecia said...

I knew about pre-menopause, but I'm pretty ignorant about the it perfectly safe? I know drs don't recommend oral hormones after menopause anymore. Just curious.

Anonymous said...

I just now got an email from a friend of mine who is selling Arbonne that she's having free shipping till the end of May. Then I read this post. hmmm.... :)
I do suffer from bad PMS so it's all coming together, mysteriously!

Julie said...

Being in the midst of peri-menopause...I am now on the heavy duty natural hormones. I started with natural progesterone cream at around 42-43. I couldn't believe how much it helped. Now I take natural estrogen, testosterone, progesterone and DHEA.... I am SO thankful for a doctor who knows how to prescribe these natural hormones. I feel like a different person!


Brenda said...

I'll have to check that out at the library...I'm sure my husband will thank me! Thanks for the great info.
Brenda :)

Dee Dee said...

okay, just had a conversation with my doctor about aging and crazy things your body does - never heard of the cream, though. I've got a friend who sells Arbonne so I'll have to find out more!! :-)

Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

I love finding out about new things! I used to suffer from terrible PMS when I was a teenager and into my twenties. It's been actually better in my thirties and since I've had kids. I've heard and read though that it can get worse as we age. Ugh. I'll definatley look into getting that book.

BTW, I finally logged onto a computer and saw your comment. We are in NW Arkansas right now and for the next couple of weeks. Enjoying time with family and friends!