Thursday, October 23, 2008


Gotta get this stuff out of my head...and off of my camera, hence the title extraction.

I am SO tired of this election. I cannot voice that strongly enough. I watched a news report this morning about Sarah Palin's wardrobe. Are you kidding me? That's what this has come to? I think I'm going to keep the tv off until November 4.

My eyes are so swollen this morning from crying. I finished up the last dvd of season 7 of Gilmore Girls last night. I cried through the entire last episode. I love that show. I think I'm going to have to go back and start all over with season 1 because I miss those girls already.

I'm not loving our dog so much these days. Yesterday, I came home and found a trail of bread all over the den. He pulled the brand new loaf off of the counter and helped himself to 2/3 of it. Nice. He also keeps pulling the placemats off of the table--dishes and all-- to lick any and every crumb he can find. I just caught him gnawing on Will's ruler that he evidently pulled off of Will's desk.'d think we don't feed him or buy him toys to play with.

Anyone else excited about HSM3 opening this weekend? I'm talking about High School Musical 3 for those of you who are wondering. My kids are jazzed...and so is their mother. I would love to check them out of school early on Friday and take them to see it but I don't know if that plan will fly with their dad. (Please say yes, John--I wanna be the favorite parent for a change!)

Our eighteen-year old microwave died this week. Eighteen years! It was a gift from John's parents when we got married...I'd say that was money well spent! I didn't know that they made appliances to last more than 6-7 years anymore did you? I haven't had a chance to look for a new one yet and the last two days I've had to reheat my leftover chili/soup in a pan on the stove! YIKES!

Ummm, did I mention that it snowed here yesterday? About 2 inches. It started raining before it started snowing so the roads had a nice thick coat of ice on them yesterday morning. Yesterday was also the day that I had to take all three kids to school at three different times meaning I had to drive was sliding all over the road most of the morning. I happen to think that our superintendent made a very poor decision by not delaying the start of the school day. Snow is one thing, ice is a different story.

Since it was such a cold and snowy day, I spent most of the morning listening to Christmas music. John's boss gave us a couple of new cds--Sara Groves and Point of Grace. WOW. They are both awesome!!! I recommend adding both of these to your collection! (Thanks, DP!)

I'm working on my laundry system post but until then here are some random pics I just extracted from my camera!

Abbey playing with her AG paper dolls.  Paper dolls seem so old-fashioned and I guess that's why I love them.  
All the first grade classes at our school made class t-shirts.  Each kid drew a picture of themselves and they had them printed on a purple tee.  They wear them on Fridays and on class field trips.  I think they turned out so cute!  Like my tape over her school name?  Yeah, it's easier and faster than photo editing! 
I'm still working on accessorizing the girls room and getting stuff back on the walls, but here's a pic of the bunk beds and new bedding.  Very cute!

It makes me sad that my kids won't just wear anything I pick out for them anymore. I bought this shirt and matching hair bow for Sarah a long time ago. Abbey wore it once (when she was 4) and decided she didn't like it anymore. No amount of coaxing or bribing could persuade her to wear it again. I finally gave up and took it to my friend Allison a couple of weeks ago so her daughter could wear it, and hopefully I can enjoy the cuteness on her daughter. :(


Unknown said...

I am TOTALLY with you on the politics! I cannot wait for it to be OVER!

The girl's room looks great! IT's funny. I wanted My Girl's room to be all pink. But I was vetoed and her new room is now blue (maybe I can sneak in a few pink accents!)

Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Ok I did watch the last season of GG while it was still on the air, We have been involved in college ministry for two years and we had two girls living with us at the time...Well I mentioned that (this was back then) GG last show was airing and I would love to have a GG watching party for any one who wanted to watch it together...lame I know, but there are fun parts of college ministry, Lame can be fun!!! Well I never heard back about it and honestly I was content to watch it alone, but as it started they walked in with a cake, on is said Bon Voyage Gilmores, Isn't that a hoot. We ate cake and watched the show it was really sweet. I thought you might appreciate that. I think I may have a picture of the cake...

Becky said...

I LOVE the girl's bedroom! This is how to have pink in your bedroom....the light blue & pink combo is perfect.

My sister forever scarred me w/pepto bismol pink, ruffled, lacey, canopy bedding and curtains!
Needless to say I have never been a pink girl but it is growing n me.

I also cried watching the final episode of GG and then again this morning seeing a recap on YouTube!

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

Their room turned out great!! I guess they didn't succeed talking you into pink n' green - but that is just as cute!!

I loved paper dolls when I was little.

Tiffani said...

just testing...a minute ago I wrote you a nice little comment and blogger was "unavailable"....

Tiffani said...

okay...trying again...

I love AG anything, even though my girl is just a bit shy of really getting into them (she has one, by default..long story)

The girls room is adorable..did they have trouble picking whose on top or do they switch it up??

SOOO ready for political crap-ola at be over!

But, my fave thing about this post, other than that shirt I want for JuJu???

HSM 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally vote for checking your kids out early...we love these movies and the soundtracks too (yes, you can find me singing "Bet On It" or "Bop to the Top" at random)..I mean they're rated G..that is hard to come by these days..and it's a great "first weekend without Daddy activity"..

Amber said...

SO TIRED of all this politic stuff, too. It is all so drives me crazy!!

LOVE the girls cute!

Can I tell you how excited I am about HSM3?!?! I know I'm more excited about it than my boys...but I don't care! So not ashamed of that! Kirk thinks I'm crazy, but whatever. LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! :)

Love the school tee-shirt. We're looking for a tee-shirt design...may have to steal that one! :)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I try to ignore a lot of the politics stuff too. We get so many calls, but thank goodness for caller id. If it's not someone we absolutely know, we won't answer.

Ok, we're only on season 4 of Gilmore Girls on DVD, so please don't spill the beans!

Cute pictures and I love the new stuff for the girls room ---- sooooo cute!

Have a great day and stay warm!

Rae said...

I just burst out laughing about your Christmas music! I too have been listening to Point of Grace (old album) Christmas CD BUT we do not have any snow! Yikes!! Ice? Yes, a delay would have been the wisest decision. When we lived in Erie, PA the kids went to school no matter how much snow fell on the ground but ice is always a different story.

There were other elements of this post I loved but the snow and Christmas music made me smile!!!

Holly said...

I am so glad these are the extractions you had to share and no teeth were removed. Ow! Makes me hurts just thinking about that kind...

The shirt is very cute!

leigh said...

I sooo love the Gilmore Girls too and used to watch it every Tuesday night. My oldest had even started watching it with me.

The paper dolls look like a nightmare to me because at my house they'd be spread all over the house.

And the dog eating the bread...well that's just 'wooed'.

Jackie said...

Seeing those paper dolls brought back so many memories...I spent hours playing with those when I was young.

I am looking for a few good Christmas CDs and I'll have to check out your recommendations...thanks!

Gretchen said...

Lurrve Sara Groves and POG, so I'll be looking to add them! Thanks.

Paper dolls and that t-shirt: so cute! What a great idea to make a shirt like that. I'm always on the other end of clever ideas, I fear.

I think Abbey is really growing.

Ice is the reason that we close down Seattle several times a year. We may only have 3 inches of snow, but the temps make things look like glass. One night last year, some kids were in the extended care of our school until 10 pm! THe parents just couldn't get to school.

Sorry about the dog. I was just scolding dog 1 for peeing, and dog 2 for eating poly-fil (for pillows, etc) in my craft room.

Time for wine, I'd say.

Rmomof3 said...

We love AG at our house too - but we haven't ventured into the paper doll realm - YET!!!!
I too think that a DELAYED Start - should have been called!
LOVE the shirts!
We are absorbing all things cutesy ( clothes, dressing alike, hairbows, etc.) here at ATH - as I realize our time is rather limited and will soon be gone! I can only imagine your pain!
Sweet blessings to you all!

Rmomof3 said...

Oh, I forgot to say - I love the room!
Sweet blessings!

*carrie* said...


Fun updates. I've only seen GG a few times, but loved the fast-paced dialogue!

I hear you on the dog mischeif--boo!

The girls' room is really cute. I love white bedroom furniture.

I saw Sara Groves in concert a couple weeks ago--she is awesome. I didn't realize she had a Christmas CD--will have to look it up.

We've had nearly freezing rain here the past two days--yuk!

Anonymous said...

I love the room!! By the way, my microwave quit last week and it was only 16 months old, so don't expect another 18 years from the new ones. The one I had before that lasted about 13 years. Oh well, it they would just quit about Christmas time, it would be a gift idea.

Love the shirt and bows too. Kind of like a Scrapper shirt.

Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

So many things to comment on! Let's see...

I love that spider shirt! I wonder if I can whip one out for next week... I can't stand that Emma has suddenly become so opinionated about what she wears. Drives. Me. Nuts.

The girls' room is so cute! Are the bunk beds new to you? I'm curious to know how they work out... for you, mostly. I think changing the sheets on them with any regularity would be a bear. That's what's keeping me from getting them for the girls. I'm not lazy, but...

Christmas music already? AWESOME! I think I needed to hear that someone else was listening before I could. I'm glad for the recommendations. :)

Abbey's class shirt is super cute. I'll have to file that idea away somewhere.

Finally, the election. GRRR. Let it end soon! I'm sick of it! Emma and I were playing a game today, and out of the blue she spouts, "I'm John uh-Cain and I approve this message!" I howled with laughter.

Unknown said...

Their room is so cute! Aviana has that SAME poncho.

I already voted, so I'm SUPER sick of the election.

Meredith said...

The girls room is so sweet. I love the colors.

Deidre said...

I'm just getting caught up since I've been out of town...

Snow already? I would love to see snow this winter, but I'm not sure I would want it yet :)

I love the girls room - so cute! I've seen that bedding and I just love the colors in it. What a sweet room!

I'm with you on the election. The TV is rarely on here, so I think that helps a lot. I've already voted, so I don't see a need to watch until election night.

Jenn said...

The girls room is cute and so are the girls. The whole American Girl thing makes me sad that I do not have a little girl. I also think that t-shirt is so cute. I could see Leah Belle's little girl wearing it.