Friday, October 03, 2008

thinking out loud...

from time to time i like to think out of consciousness stuff...and today is one of those days...

so glad it's friday and we have nothing to do tonight except eat pizza and veg...and no, our pizza is NOT veggie pizza, but that actually sounds really good right now...even better than the kind I actually got. papa murphy's take and bake is our favorite. mmmmmmm.

season 7 of gilmore girls came in the mail today from john, you up for watching it with me tonight? i don't think i can stay awake for an entire movie, but i could manage an episode or two.

5th grade girl drama is exhausting. every day it's a different story of who hurt who's feelings or left who out of the group. ugh. ugh. ugh.

our dog stinks. he really needs a bath. good thing it's the weekend so i can pass that job on to john.

get that candy corn out of my house already because i CANNOT stop eating it. good grief, i love that stuff. so do abbey and will. john and sarah don't so they are just plain weird. oh my gosh, i just realized that i have a mini presidential candidate team in my house...john and sarah. and see, i said sarah and plain in the same sentence. switch those letters around and you have palin. why do i keep doing that???

my finger hurts so bad when i type. i sliced it yesterday while cleaning that pampered chef apple peeler/corer/slicer contraption. i used it to make an awesome apple pie. my family loved me and thanked me for making dessert for them. it was really good, and i made the entire thing from scratch--thankyouverymuch--even the crust. very easy. wonder why i've never tried that before.

it is about to start raining here. i love rainy evenings especially if i get to spend them at home. hope it doesn't rain tomorrow...we're heading to the mountains--still unsure where--to see the aspens in all their glory.

must remember to charge my camera for that.

speaking of cameras, i was up at the girls' school all day helping with school picture re-takes. didn't intend to be there as long as i was and had to miss my hike. r & c--I missed you guys!!!!

evidently, jack-the-stinky-beagle likes candy corn too. he just pounced on the few that i dropped and gobbled them up. grrrrr...

i'm probably gonna crash really hard in a few minutes. my body doesn't handle that sugar high very well. i get really manic and then hit the wall. maybe i can squeeze in a nap before i have to put the pizza in the oven.

i need to check (the best weather website EVER!)for the forecast because someone told me today that there is a chance of s-n-o-w next week. bad, bad, bad. don't want to hear that until december okay, mr. meteorologist? say it isn't so. please.

okay, just checked and yep, there is a small chance. :(

why must the kids dump their backpacks and lunchboxes on the kitchen table every single day??? we have this discussion constantly and i think they must be tuning me out.

speaking of lunchboxes, i found the scooby doo one that i thought we had lost forever. the office lady brought it to me when she saw me at school today. opened it up to find six week old sugar snap peas swimming in a lovely gray-green gravy. the wedge of cheese was the exact same color. appetizing, eh? surprisingly, it wasn't as stinky as our dog is right now.

alright...the sugar low is upon me. must log off. enjoy your weekend.


Gretchen said...

So sorry to hear about the sugar low, Mer. Just have to add more...

Fridays are our pizza night...We lurve PMs, but have been using Little Squeezers lately because their pizzas are $5.55/ea. My kind of budget.

Enjoy your mtn drive. I so love autumn in CO (everywhere for that matter).

Don't even go there with me on the lunch box/back pack thing. And...WHY can't they unpack all their plastics and load them into the dishwasher so that science projects don't grow over the weekend in the lunch boxes???? Why, oh, why.

Drama Girl is 10. In fifth grade. Guess why her pseudonym is Drama Girl? It's only 1/2 because she likes plays. :)

John better get busy. It sounds like he has a few things to finish this weekend.

The pie sounds good. Sorr y about your finger.

I"m leaving now.


Tiffani said...

oh my...I have the same pampered chef dealy-o and good grief..does it look like a medieval torture tool or what??? I can SO see how you sliced your digit...but I bet that pie was good...I tried to entice your hubby with some sweet southern dessert for an invite for the chicken he mentioned and you HAD to go bake a pie. from. scratch. ;) Needless to say, I haven't heard from him :) I hope y'all have a great weekend..and good luck with the candy corn..I wrote a mini-post today along the very same lines...ridiculous my sweet tooth..

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

Okay that lunch box thing was just *plain* gross.

Have a great weekend! I have a feeling I'll be chatting w/ you at some point! ha

Puva said...

Hahahahaha this post's funny! So are you pro-McCain or pro-Obama?

Gina said...

I opened up our lunch box tote today and I found Jonah's lunch box covered in mold spots. It's a bag, really. I remember washing it recently- but since he rarely uses it I guess I wouldn't have thought about it being slightly damp....

Brenda said...

Hi Mer, we were just up there again for a quick turn-around weekend and the colors were just beginning to change. I'll bet it's beautiful now. Ours won't peak out here for another couple of weeks. I'm not liking that 4-letter "s" word either. aarg! Not ready for that.
God bless,
Brenda :)

Unknown said...

I am a candy corn junky as well. Last night I just finally ate was left in the candy jar, just so it would be gone! And I too have that weird sugar thing, only it makes me have a fowl temper when I am "coming down". which is totally anti-me behavior.

IT's still not enough of a problem to keep me from eating it!

Snow?!!! I am going to pray that it doesn't.

Also, this may be old news, but I can actually see your beautiful header AND I am in safari!

Happy weekend!

Barb said...

Boy, I remember that 5th grade drama. I'm very glad those days are behind me. There were times I thought the moms were a lot more difficult to deal with than the girls. I learned very quickly to just step back and let the girls work it out - which of course, they always do.

Ditto on candy corn. I don't even buy it any more, it's so addictive.

Marc and Charity said...

Ohhhhh, not fair. Eat some candy corn on my behalf!!! We LOVE that stuff. Sniff. Sniff. :)

Hope you have a lovely weekend! It's cold and rainy so we'll be in all weekend. :)

leigh said...

P.U. stinky dogs! I just bit the bullet and bathed both of mine. What a task! Glad you found your lunchbox...sorry it still had stuff in it.

Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

These are some of my favorite posts of yours. They remind me so much of how I think and I often think I'm the only one who could ever follow my train of thought, but I sort of think you would follow along no problem. Sometimes - okay, a lot of times - I find nasty moldy sippy cups hiding in the couch cushions or under furniture and I wash it out really good and keep it. Sometimes I wonder if I should just toss it. Can the gray green nastiness hurt you? Surely you didn't toss the lunch box. I have yet to buy candy born. I should get some tomorrow.