Monday, October 20, 2008

Hi. I'm back. Did you miss me?

Well, I didn't really intend to take a blog break, but I was having so much fun with the kids being out of school and John's parents being here that I never found the time to sit down and post something.

We had a fantastic visit with Mimi and Papa. They helped us tackle a big project--the girls' bedroom. They bought the girls some bunk beds and we (finally) found some bedding that the girls both loved. We ended up painting their room and finishing up the room re-do that we gave Sarah for her birthday (back in July). I'll post some pictures soon! It turned out cute and the girls are very happy with it!

They sent John and I on a date Saturday night, but sadly, John has been sick and so he wasn't up to much more than dinner. We went to California Pizza Kitchen--one of our favorites--then knocked around some shops including a new Apple store where we drooled over new Macbooks. We were home by 9:00. We are so old.

We also went out to eat, went to church, went shopping, saw a movie, and played umpteen games of Scattergories, Catchphrase, and Life. So fun!

They left this morning, and it was back to reality for all of us. School. Work. Grocery shopping. Life.

John is still not feeling great. He came home from work at noon today and went straight to bed. Poor guy. I hate to see him feeling bad!

I'll be back with a real post tomorrow, or maybe the next day. Or maybe when life slows back down. :) I'm so behind on my blog reading, but I hope to catch up soon!


Kecia said...

You gotta love Bud Fray! Charlie and Angie got to see him when they were in the States.
Glad you had a good visit. My Mom comes day after tomorrow! :)

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

I did miss you! But I knew you were probably having too much fun to post. Glad y'all had a good visit and welcome back!

Brenda said...

That's great that you had such a nice visit with your in-laws. It is always somewhat of a letdown when good company leaves and 'life' gets back to normal.
God bless,
Brenda :)

Gretchen said...

Your visit sounds so fun, but exhausting! Doing a room redo and having company? Wow. Good for you. Sorry that John is under the weather. My hubby was sick when we went to Iowa and then all week until finally coming around on Friday. Enjoy your blog reading. But remember...there's no rush.

His Girl said...

i am missing you a million much, so hurry back, my favorite virtual next door neighbor.

(like I can talk, I've been gone FOREVER myself)

Michele said...

Meredith, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog:)

Glad you had a great weekend! I love when the grandparents come and visit. How nice of them to help tackle the girls' room. I can't wait to see pictures. My girls share a room and right now they have a daybed, but I have been contemplating doing bunk beds. Maybe after seeing your pictures I will go ahead and take the plunge. I hope your hubby feels better!!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I figured that you were having a blast with your relatives and that is why we had not heard from you :)!

Can't wait to see pictures!

Unknown said...

"I'm so behind on my blog reading, but I hope to catch up soon!"

Can I just say Amen! and Amen!!!

I really want to be current on bogs, and just can't get there! Oh well! I am sorry that John was sick, I hope he is better!

I enjoy CPK. Recently I had their Pear Gargonzola pizza, and let me tell you, I almost moaned at that table! And I don't usually do that sort of thing!

9:00? Y;all make me feel so much better! The Mister and I have tried and tried to stay out later than that, but it just never works!

Jenn said...

I missed you but knew you were having a wonderful time with your family. Thanks for filling us in on your time away.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of the girls' room.

I hope John is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see pics of the girls bedroom re-do! Very nice of the grand parents to buy the bunkbeds!

Still looking forward to the post of meals and laundry!

~ Ali