Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Alternate Title: Merry Easter?

Alternate Title: Another Snowy Sunday...

Alternate Title: I Dreamed of a White Easter and My Dream Came True

Alternate Title: Seriously? 

Alternate Title: You know you live in Colorado when...

This is the view from our front door when we woke up this morning. I could have posted this same pic yesterday too. It's been a snowy weekend. Typical weather for spring in the Rockies. (That doesn't mean I have to like it though).
I thought it was funny when we moved here and people told us that it snows every year on Halloween and Easter, but I stopped laughing when year after year those words proved to be true. I think I remember one Easter that was actually sunny and warm. 

I could let it get me down but it just makes all those hymns John and I grew up singing even more meaningful. Sin had left a crimson stain, He washed me white as snow.

Anyway, here are some pics from before church this morning. Man, I love these guys. 

It snowed hard all morning and most of the afternoon. I took this pic driving home from church. It was a wet, heavy snow and will probably be gone tomorrow. 

The kids got Coldstone Creamery gift certificates from the Easter Bunny, and because our high temp was 35 degrees and wind chills were in the 20s, we thought we'd add insult to injury and go out for ice cream.  I'm not a big ice cream lover (yeah, the dislike of chocolate AND ice cream may be too much for some of ya'll) so I requested that we go by Starbucks first. It was my first sip in about 8 weeks (I gave it up for Lent, but had been deprived for a couple of weeks before Lent began) and OH MY was heaven in a cup.
Would you believe Coldstone was closed? My kids were really sad. The sign on the door said they were closed for inclement weather (huh?). We had some ice cream at home so we turned around and went back home and enjoyed some Breyers while watching Bedtime Stories (another gift from our rockin' Easter Bunny).

It's been a really good day filled with lots of things I love, including 1000 Hallelujahs!

I hope your Easter has been joyous as well!
*The 10PM news just said that we got 10.5 inches of snow today. So yeah, Merry Easter to you too.*


Carpool Queen said...

Girl, the look on your face with that Starbucks is priceless!! It's a mix of relief, satisfaction, and contentment, all rolled into one.

Glad you're back in business.

Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

Your children...and you...look beautiful!

By the way, I don't like ice cream much either! :)

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

I am sorry it snowed, but Starbucks makes up for everything, right?

Merry Easter!!

Brenda said...

Oh, I feel your pain, 'tho our snow was yesterday. Today we woke up to sunshine. I was determined to wear my new Old Navy flip flops come snow of shine.
Must've been the combo of Easter and snow for Coldstone to be closed. Lucky you had back up!
Those are some darn cute kiddos you have there.
Have a great week.
btw, We'll be moving up there by the first of June. Maybe we can meet IRL later on in the summer after we get settled?

Michele said...

Merry Easter, Mer! I love the pictures. Your family is beautiful. You look like you've just experienced a little piece of heaven with the Starbucks in your hand!

Puva said...

I can sense the happiness radiating from the screen when I see the photograph of you with your Starbucks drink ;)

Unknown said...


If you hadn't posted the pictures i never would have believed it! Snow, of all things.

You and the kids looked as beautiful as a spring morning, though. I can only imagine that this summer will be warm, warm, warm. Right? Certainly it can't snow forever!

Does it help you to know that last night the temps dipped into the 30's here?

Jennifer said...

Your face on the Starbucks pic is priceless!

Happy Easter!

Kendra said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your Starbucks on this snowy Easter. But, the fact that you don't love ice cream, ESPECIALLY Coldstone Creamers, makes me rethink our friendship. Because I don't associate with crazy people! That's the BEST ice cream ever!!!

leigh said...

Happy Easter. Your family is just too adorable. I don't know how you deal with all that snow! Yea! for coffee.

Anonymous said...

We didn't get snow. Just wind and cold. My favorite alternate title is "Seriously?" At least you all looked wonderful.

I'm glad you're officially back. Blog World has been lonely without you.

Lauren said...

What cute pictures, Meredith, and seriously, that snow is absolutely gorgeous, breathtaking actually, but you're probably not thinking that, haha!

Scott Franson Photography said...

I'm seriously surprised we didn't have snow here in Northwestern WI for Easter. What ever happened to those beautiful sunny warm Easter days when we were kids? Seems like it was always warm then.

Tiffani said...

You all look so nice!!!

I think I'm going to show Connor Will's hair (it's awesome)...and see if he'll let us do something a little more like that before we go to this wedding..CB's is getting soooo long!

Sarah is looking so grown-y..what a pretty outfit!! Such the young lady! And, I love Abbey's polka dots (tell her they're my FAVE)..

I could totally go for Starbucks right.this.second...glad you're back my friend..I missed you terribly!!!

Fran said...

Can I just say that if I lived there, y'all would kick me out for non-stop complaining! I'm so proud of ya. Keeping up the good spirit too!!! Laughter will get us through. ;)

Glad it was a wonderful day. Your family is just beautiful!

Gretchen said...

CO: home of the snow squashed tulips. Poor little things.

It's also probably sunny there, as I type, so you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both, know the rest. ;)

Darling, darling fam.

Starbucks? Heavenly.

Megan L Hutchings said...

I missed you last week but I am glad you had a wonderful week and Easter holiday!!!

Amber said...

Alright. Alright. So I'm always coveting your snow and all, but not so much on Easter Sunday. Look at you messin' up your Easter hair with a toboggon!! All goes with the territory, I guess!

Glad you had a Merry Easter! And got your Starbucks!!! :)

The kids look precious, as always!

Glad you're back....been lonely around here.

Deena said...

I love the pictures! What a beautiful family!

Meredith said...

What a wonderful photo! Both you and the kids look so happy.

Happy springtime!