Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I decided a few minutes ago to unplug today (but not until after I post this)(which might sorta defeat the idea of unplugging a little)(which is one reason I choose not to be a "rules" girl).

I usually prefer to unplug on days that I get to spend at home so I can get caught up on stuff around here, but since it has been rainy and cold for the last several days, I've gotten LOTS done around here.

Today, we're going to find a great spot to watch the Air Force Thunderbirds. The USAFA graduation is today (I think Joe Biden is the speaker) and the Thunderbirds always do a cool air show at the end of commencement. They've been out practicing the last couple of days and their maneuvers are impressive. I have a spot in mind to camp out and watch them perform. Should be GREAT.

Also today, a new natural foods market is opening in the Springs. I've been waiting for Sunflower Market to arrive in Co Springs ever since my friends Teri and Kimberly shared it's wonderfulness with me. That day is finally here, so the kids and I are going to check it out and stock up on organic strawberries for $1.50/lb!

No trip to Co Springs would be complete without a happy hour run to Sonic. After reading this post, I know exactly what I'm going to order. But I'll probably do what Carpoolqueen did and order my old stand-by (just in case). Be very proud, Amber. I'll let ya know my verdict tomorrow when I plug back in.

If you still feel like clicking on links, then read this post that my husband wrote last night about our children. It's beautiful.

Happy Wednesday!

*I love comments, but I'm disabling them for today in my spirit of unpluggedness!*

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