Monday, May 25, 2009

Lovin' this long weekend!

This weekend has been extra long and lazy for us since John was off Friday and today. I am LOVING it. It's been the perfect start to summer.

I want to remember a few things about this weekend so I decided to do an alphabet recap.

A - Air Force Thunderbirds! They're out practicing for the USAFA graduation on Wednesday and they've been flying over our house off and on today. The sight and sound of them is one of my favorite things about where we live. Here's a link to some pics I took last year at this time. Absolutely awesome!

B - Brother-sister campouts. The kids have been "camping" out in each other's rooms every night since school got out. I LOVE it! Hearing them laughing and talking (and burping) and laughing some more before finally falling asleep makes my heart so happy! Today, Sarah and Abbey did a Bunk Bed switch. Now Sarah is on bottom and Abbey gets the top bunk. 

C - Coffee. I swear it tastes better on weekends. Summer Chore Charts. (I'm going to post a pic of our chart tomorrow!) Chinese checkers. 

D - Dance party. The girls had one this morning in the den. Love watching them double-dish. 

E - The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. That is the name of the book I'm reading (and loving). Anyone read it???

F - Five Guys Burgers and Fries. We ate there on Friday night. It's my favorite. 

G - Grilling. We grilled brats for dinner Saturday night. Too bad it was 50 something degrees and didn't feel at ALL like summer.

H - HOME! My favorite place to be. Love it even more when all my peeps are here with me! And we're going to watch the next Harry Potter movie tonight. We're working through them in anticipation of the one coming out in July.

I - We followed up our dinner at Five Guys with a trip to Coldstone for ICE cream! (Thanks for the gift cards, Kylie!) John and the kids had some ice cream a little while ago for a snack. We go through it fast around here.

J - Jack-the-beagle is certainly enjoying having all his peeps at home too. He loves the attention. I don't love how much he's shedding these days though. 

K - Kid stuff is taking over our house! They brought so much home from school and I'm slowly sorting/purging/filing it all. 

L - Lots of laughter and laziness this weekend. And Legos. Will is in his room right now creating something amazing.

M - Memorial Day. So thankful for those who've given their lives for our country and our freedom.

N - We took the kids to see Night at the Museum yesterday. It was SO GOOD! They loved it and so did John and I. On Friday, we watched Nacho Libre. Oh my was hilarious. I must have been really tired because every scene was cracking me up and I don't usually love stupid movies. It was great though.

O - Organizing. Aka: The Great Closet Cleanout. I'm taking a break to post this, then back to work! 

P - movie popcorn with extra butter. Pancakes for breakfast (J is chief pancake flipper around here). I've also been pricing plane tickets. I think I need to go to AR soon to check on my dad. 

Q - quiet mornings for John to write (because the rest of us have been sleeping quite late).

R - Rain and fog and cold. The weather has been yucky all weekend but it's perfect for READING!

S - Sleeping in three days in a row! So great! Afternoon smoothies. And a snack supper tonight!

T - Traffic. You know it's officially summer when interstate traffic starts getting worse. We went to Colorado Springs on Friday night and the interstate was like a parking lot. Has been every day since. Good thing we know the back way! Thunderstorms. Thunderbirds!

U - Just the five of US this weekend. We are each other's favorite people, and that makes me crazy-happy.

V - Vacation planning. John was online last night trying to find a cabin for us in Estes Park over the 4th of July. 

W - Wet weekend weather--yuck! Work. John was "off" but still had some freelance stuff to work on.

X - eXtra long weekends are THE best.

Y - Yardwork. Not our favorite chore by any means, but we managed to get a few things done in between rain showers.

Z - We started the weekend off completely zonked, but now we're rested and ready for the rest of summer!


Amber said...

I loved this post!!! I'm such a blog-lifter...don't be surprised if you see alphabet soup over around my place someday soon!!!!!!

Your weekend sounds heavenly. My family are my favorite people, too, and we've had a great time just hanging out with eachother. Wish it could be like this ALL.THE.TIME!!!

Joanne : The Simple Wife said...

I love all your ABCs. Just finished my linen closet and it feels so good. Next, the desk. And everything else on my huge, huge, long, long list.

Miss you, friend!



Emily said...

I'm pretty impressed that you came up with something for each letter!

I stayed at Estes Park about 7 years ago. My husband was in the AFA for a semester!

Megan L Hutchings said...

It sounds like your Memorial Day has been the perfect kick off to your amazing summer :)!

I love Five Guys and Coldstone...YUMO!

Michele said...

Oh, I love the ABC recap. What a cute idea! It sounds like you all have had a great weekend!

Lori Motl said...

Love your alphabet soup! Sounds like a great weekend. We aren't out for summer yet, but we are i the summer spirit. We defied the rain today, put on a little Jimmy Buffet and swam while it sprinkled. We had several friends who came over to defy with us!

Gretchen said...

Mercy, you're creative, and it's only the first official day of your summer vaca. Wowsa. :)

Great to hear that the fam is enjoying one another with important things like burping and ice cream. Isn't it the best when everyone gets along so well? Enjoy those T-Birds, and fingers crossed for a great cabin in EP.

Deena said...

Love the alphabet soup! So clever! said...

Meredith...we stayed in a great place in Winter Park if you wanted to stay on THAT side of the mountains. I could send you the people's name. They own a condo that would sleep all of was very nice and it was fairly reasonable.
Or you can just e-mail me and I'll get it to you. The father of the family was a dentist in Denver I think.
Loved your list. Sounds like a fun weekend. I need to update my blog but I'm too worn out tonight... said... just occurred to me that I first found the place off the website We have used it multiple times with awesome success!

Shanda said...

Can't wait to see your chore list; I have just begun to work on ours...updating, rearranging, etc. Sometimes I blink and they are in an older stage and I'm trying to figure out in what ways they need more responsibilities and freedoms.

Puva said...

Now that my exams are over (well, they were over on May 6th), I should get down to some cleaning as well. Thanks for the reminder!

After reading your list, I couldn't help smiling to myself. You sound really happy and that's nice (:

His Girl said...

Absolutely Beautiful Creativity, Darling! Love your list, that you love your kids, and your time together!

(*raises hand sheepishly* I laughed like crazy @ nacho libre, too!)

Nina Diane said...

awww...I loved this post!

Cathy said...

I totally will be stealing this idea from you at some point! LOVE IT!!

and um...that was your FIRST time watching Nacho Libre?! Hil.arious.

If you listen real close when he's in the bathroom after the fight you hear him say, "C'mon babay." while he grunts. So bad, yet so funny.

Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

Things always sound so fun at your house! And I might have to steal your ABC idea sometime. Super cute.

Anonymous said...

You are so creative. This was fun.