Thursday, March 18, 2010

Peace Out, Peeps

[Random Thoughts on Thursday]

My nose will not quit running.

I have a bit of fluid in my right ear and every time I swallow, my ear makes a crackling sound that is super annoying.

I keep chugging Emergenc-C and telling myself I will NOT be sick.

Because next week is Spring Break and I have things to do, places to go, and people to see.

I think daylight savings time is getting the best of me. I've been so tired lately.

A couple of nights ago I took a "nap" after dinner. Weird.

My kids have adjusted pretty well to the time change. They always seem to adjust more quickly than I do though.

John and I have recently discovered the beauty of weekend afternoon coffee dates.

We have several coffee shops that are close to our house, so we've been trying to get away alone for an hour or so each weekend. It's my favorite hour of the entire week!

We went last Sunday afternoon (it was snowing!) and in addition to our lattes, we bought a bag of Tanzanian peaberry to brew at home. Let me just tell you, THAT is the only thing getting me out of bed with a good attitude this first week of daylight savings time. It is yummy!

The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous the last couple of days.

Looks like today will be gorgeous as well before temps drop 40 degrees and some snow piles up. It's springtime in the Rockies. And that means widely varied weather.

I have lots of errands to run today.

Because two of my peeps have a birthday on Monday. John will be 43, and Abbey will be 8.

How can my baby be eight?

She asked to have an art/craft/sleepover party. I love the art/craft part but the sleepover part isn't my favorite. But she gave me the sad, puppy eyes which always makes me cave. She pretty much planned her entire party for me. It's going to be CUTE. I'll share more later.

We didn't exactly plan for them to have the same birthday. It just sorta worked out that way.

Abbey was 4 days past her due date and my doctor, who had a solo practice, was leaving for a Spring Break vacation. I wasn't crazy about the idea of an on call doc I didn't know delivering her, so I let him induce my labor the day before he left town, which also happened to be John's 35th birthday.

I think it's kind of sweet that they share a birthday.

I think it's really sweet that John just smiles when I serve him a piece of cake decorated with Barbie or butterflies.

He's a good sport. And an amazing dad.


Spring Break?

We're not going anywhere exotic.

We have some birthdays to celebrate. And some new and old friends to visit with. And my girls are so very excited about the grand opening of the American Girl store in Denver, so we may go check it out!

Last night, Abbey and Sarah finished dinner then headed out to the trampoline to enjoy the last little bit of our gorgeous day. As Abbey was walking out the door she turned to look at us and said: "Peace out, peeps." Cracked us up.

Peace out, peeps. Have a great day!


Hillcrest Cottage said...

ok...had to check out "Meredith" as La Vida Dulce kept on mentioning you.
I from and also live in Little Rock? Where's your town of origin?
Looking forward to reading.

O Mom said...

I love the coffee afternoon dates and that you said it's your favorite part of your week. I always think that my husband and I have no time or money to do anything alone, but a one hour simple date once a week may be just what we need. Thanks for sharing. :)

Tiffani said...

ugh! no sickies for you, i hope!

My sister and her daughter share a birthday, plus it always falls on Mother's Day. She gets a whole lotta bang for a lot of buck ;) I think she isn't quite as gracious as John about sharing a birthday/mother's day all rolled in to one!

Hope y'all have a great spring break!

I'm going to make coffee now...

Carpool Queen said...

Peace out peeps - I may have to use that today with my little ones who have recently begun telling me not to "freak out".

Rebecca said...

Love coffee shop dates...

dawn said...

Dave and I have started Saturday morning coffee or breakfast dates. It's been awesome--as we actually have energy to talk about important things. Those weekday evenings after we both have worked, with the homework and the dinner and the tired...not much energy to talk about the big stuff.

Peace Out.

Cathy said...

Well, you better go catch it!! (your running nose)

Sorry. I've been hanging out with 8 year olds, 6 year olds, and Billy for too long...:)

I hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy all your upcoming events!! How sweet for them to share a birthday. I was in labor with Lincoln the day before Billy's birthday and he wondered (out-loud) if it would hold off until midnight so they could share a birthday....while that would have been great I "politely" informed him I wasn't planning on being IN LABOR that long!! :)

Peace out, Peeps. That girl cracks me up. That should be your new sign off for every blog post. You know, like CPQ's "Have a nice day."

Anonymous said...

My Papa and I shared a birthday. He would've been 85 today and we would've shared a bowl of cereal.

dawn said...

Hey Mer-- a little blog award awaits you at my blog.

Kecia said...

You sound like my girls. Literally...your description of your health makes me think if I could hear your voice you'd sound alike. Sigh. I can't get them over it/breathing. Any suggestions?
I didn't know AG was opening a store in Denver! Cool! Did you know you can buy invidual Bitty Twins at the stores? rambling...
Some of that snow may even reach Arkansas. Crazy-

Anonymous said...

Peace out!! LOL, I love kids and their fun phrases they bring home!! =)

My mom and I share the same birthday as well and she always sacrificed for me it was sweet!

Blessings sweet Mer

mel @ the larson lingo said...

I am so jealous you have Spring Break next week. I have to wait 2 more weeks! Hope you aren't getting sick...that is no fun!

Gretchen said...

Sorry you're not up to snuff, Mer. Lurve your randoms, as usual. Also lurve picturing J eating a piece of Barbie cake. Well, he wears a pony tail, so it can't bother him too much. ;)

I hope you have a fantabulous spring break. My kids' time off is, of course, one after the other, rather than concurrent. I think we're actually dropping off the church wagon between Good Friday and Easter, and are going to hang out at the beach house, since that's a weekend when Big is home and the kids won't have homework (since it's between their breaks).

Rebecca said...

hi there! ya know, it's a small world! when i saw your name on my comments the other day (rocky mountain highlights blog) i assumed you came over from angie osborne's blog. i just re-read it and saw that you came over from my blog designer jackie's! how funny.....i'm friends with anigie and have seen your name on her sidebar and that's where i recognized your name. it's a small world, afterall! :)

anyways, hope you have a great weekend. :)

Stephanie Kay said...

I'm a tiny bit jealous of your weekend dates. Just a bit. I just have to hang on until my baby is 8 and then I can do that too. Only 7 years to go! :) But that means I'll also have a 13 year old. YIKES! Guess I can wait on those dates! :)

Amber said...

I remember when you had her!!!!

Cannot believe that Sawyer and Abbey are 8 now.

Gosh. Seems like yesterday.

Brenda said...

OMGosh, Grace was beside herself when she found out Denver opened an AG store. We'll probably try and take her closer to her birthday in May.
I also hear they're building an IKEA store there too. I love IKEA!