Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wedded Wednesday: Time Off

Guys...time is elusive this week and John and I are unable to get a Wedded Wednesday post together. We're taking today off and intend to be back next week. Thanks for understanding!


Gretchen said...

You're worth the wait.

Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

I think that's a Wedded Wednesday well-spent!

His Girl said...

a. agreed, you're worth the wait.
b. forgiveness is a good thing to give. and take.

for I am FIVE posts behind on your blog.


Ali said...

I'll be waiting! Take your will be a treat whenever you post another Wedded Wednesday!

Do you guys have spring break next week! My oldest does and I can't wait to have him home all week! Don't forget to start your countdown to spring break!

~ Ali

Ali said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ali said...

For some reason I posted my comment twice! So I deleted the duplicate! Oops! :)

~ Ali