Friday, March 26, 2010


Getting breakfast soon. Then a shower. Getting kids ready.

Leaving the house. Going to bank. Probably Starbucks too.

Heading down south. Instead of north. Because of snow. More, stupid snow.

Lunch with John. Chick-Fil-A. It's Sarah's choice. The reason being? Honey-mustard love.

Then the mall. Kids need stuff. Shoes and clothes. They keep growing.

So we'll shop. At the mall. My favorite place. [Insert sarcasm here.]

I won't complain. No, I won't. Today's a gift. I will enjoy. I will laugh. I will shop. Joyfully and generously. With my peeps.

I'll be back. Tomorrow, I think. Telling my tale. Of family day. Of mall survival. Of happy kids. Of finding joy. And a pretzel. 

Peace out, peeps.


Which are you? A mall lover? A mall hater? A middle-grounder? Tell me why! 


Stephanie said...

I don't know that I'm a mall lover or hater - I just don't go. It is just way easier to do my shopping online with three munchkins than going to the mall.

O Mom said...

I used to be a Mall lover, but now it seems too overwhelming. I'm now much more about the outlet stores and the little off the beaten path stores.

Lindsay said...

Like the variety that a mall offers though I tend to make a list and plan my shopping carefully. Since relocating to a small town from a sizable and growing city, I've become a catalog and online shopper only. Just not worth an hour's drive to in search of items I like.

Becky said...

I just can't be a mall hater b/c I LOVE the Great American Cookie Co....chewy chocolate supreme!!

I guess that makes me a middle grounder. I don't like all the people or all the "smell" places that overpower the senses. However, I do like being able to shop w/a little peace when w/the family. I can easily send them along since there are so many places in one building!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

What a fun day you have planned!
I like the mall, especially after having kids because all the stores are right there & you don't have to load & unload them time after time.

Sami said...

Love. And all I really need is one tiny little bag to carry with something that I got for a great deal. Oh, and now I want a pretzel. :)

Amber said...

I used to be a mall-lover, but now I hate it.

I prefer a Target anyday.

And only then without the children.

Katrina @ Pics, Pages & Purls said...

I'm a middle of the row when it comes to malls...I go into the stores that I like (maybe 2 or 3) then get something to eat like lunch or a hot pretzel. Then I go home. said...

I am a completely rabid mall hater. I hate the feeling of being enclosed IN the mall, the people, the food, the stores...but then...I hate shopping. I just don't enjoy it at all. I usually send my credit card with my kiddos and they buy their own stuff. They love it, I love it.

Sitesx6 said...

I'm a mall hater. I am a "get in -get what you need and get out" type of girl.

I don't like to window shop or browse.

My daughter is a mall lover (age 11) so I try to endure it for her sake.

The fact that there is a Barnes and Noble in our mall is what saves me. I can browse there forever.

If I had a million dollars-I'd be reformed and a born again mall lover. :)

Kathy said...

Love the threes! Read "No Talking"? By Andrew Clements. His books rock! We're big fans.

I avoid malls. Whenever humanly possible. They're too cluttered.

Enjoyed your post. Made me smile. Thanks for blogging!

Kecia said...

I'm a recovering shopaholic. Used to shop away my sorrows/loneliness at Hulen Mall in FW. But now that I've broken free, I sometimes love the mall, sometimes don't! Progress.
Everytime you say "peeps" I want to eat one.

Gretchen said...

A haiku for you:

Target is great fun
Unless it has to fit well
Nordstrom's can't be beat

I'm a middle grounder. I usually try to nickel and dime myself to death at discount stores, then finally give in and buy one or 2 pieces for $$$ at Nordies. Then I work all the cheapo stuff around those.

Brenda said...

Aw, sorry you couldn't head up north.
I would say I'm a middle grounder. Not huge on shopping at the mall unless there's something specific I need. I think I'd rather do Target. or thrifting!

Michele said...

I'm a honey mustard lover :) I love going to the mall, but honestly, the prices are higher than Ross, Marshalls, or TJ Max (these are normally where I go). . .so I don't make it very often. Have fun!!!

Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

I don't mind the mall so much, I just try to go as little as possible. It's just too tempting. I find myself just "wanting, wanting, wanting" and I don't like it. It's easier to just stay away and not know what I'm missing! In fact, it's been that way for a few years now, and I don't really enjoy shopping anymore. I think it's really a good thing.

But that said... my kids keep growing too!!!! And for the first time EVER, Emma actually asked me to take her shopping. And so it begins...

Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

I don't mind the mall if I know what I need, can get in and get out! Otherwise it just stresses me out. Shopping for myself for clothes in a mall is not only overwhelming but depressing because everything seems so expensive (I'm cheap when it comes to spending money on clothes for myself).