Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekend Poll: Favorite Day of the Week

Do you have a favorite day of the week?

I think I love Sundays the best because they're super low key for us.

We go to church. We don't turn our computers on. We read the newspaper. And books. We go to the library. We make a yummy dinner. And more.

I love Saturdays too though.

And Friday nights.

Just curious if you have a favorite.

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Teri H said...

No favorite here... I love all the days... Tuesdays the least as that's usually when D flies back to Colorado... but we have great mornings before he does that!

Happy weekend to you Mer!

dawn said...

These days I like Fridays because it's my day off. I have it to myself, or I meet a friend, or I catch up on housework. And there is still the whole weekend to look forward to!

Michele said...

I love Sundays for that very reason. I MAKE myself rest. . .b/c God Himself commanded us to. It is the day of the week I sleep the latest, I take a nap too, and read. Have a great weekend!

Stephanie said...

So hard to pick! I love Mondays because they are stay-home days and Fridays because it's our laidback evening together. If I could pick two those would be it. : )

Trish said...

I like Sundays too! We go to church, usually have friends over for lunch, take a nap, and watch Amazing Race.

Nina Diane said...

I love many choices of things to do or stay home and read, nap, watch movies

Carpool Queen said...

Saturday's my favorite day - I take it as my day of rest, because we're busy on Sundays with church, getting stuff ready for school on Monday, etc.

I like to sleep in, stay in my pajamas and read until noon, then go out with the family for errands and ice cream, and date night with C.

Gretchen said...

I picked Sundays, but I also like the clean slate of Mondays and the "sabbath" (e.g. CPQ) of Saturdays. Really, any day in which a nap is involved can be a favorite.