Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Searching for crazy

Last week, I was out with some friends and the conversation turned in a roundabout way towards blogging. One of my friends that night didn't know much about blogging or that I even had a blog and I'm 90% sure she thought the whole idea of it was crazy. And that's okay because she still loves me and I still love her...and I still love blogging.

Her concern was all the crazy people who were out there reading what I wrote! Umm, yeah, that would be YOU. {Snicker.}

I told her that I have two different site counters that monitor traffic on my blog and I have a general idea of who's reading and I know what does and doesn't alarm me. I mean, I guess you never REALLY know who's reading, but I'm okay with my monitoring systems that are in place. [By the way, if you don't have Sitemeter or Statcounter on your blog, I highly advise you to install one or both of these free applications today. If you'd like more info, email me privately--my contact info is in the orange NavBar above.]


One of the features of my site counters is that I can see what google searches land people at Lifeat7000Feet. Most of them make me laugh. I've kept a list of some of my favorites and now seems like a good time to share. The snarky comments in italics are mine!

Smoking at 7000 feet
Really? You needed to google the side effects of smoking at 7000 feet? Maybe you already were smoking something.

How to make an Advent reef
Reef? I believe that's a brand of flip flops. And my kids wonder why I harp on them about spelling. Good greef. 

Chex mix at 7000 feet
I've got nothin'

Happy Clinique in Turkey
I think they were really inquiring where to buy perfume in Turkey, but their search took them to my thankful turkey centerpiece post.

How much salt is in the ocean at 7000 feet?
I'm really not smart enough to answer that and evidently google isn't either if it landed them here!

How deep is the ocean at 7000 feet?
I'm no oceanographer, but I'd be willing to guess it's 7000 feet deep.

Letting my hair go gray
Really? That landed you here? When have I ever said I was going gray? It's not happenin'. 

I hate living in Colorado
This just makes me cry. I LOVE Colorado. LOVE it.

Ruben from Ocean's 11
What's with the ocean theme? And for the record I live ABOVE sea level! That search actually took them to this post. 

Making a lint centerpiece
Lint? Check your belly button. And your dictionary.

How deep is 7000 feet really?
Well, since you keep asking7000 feet = 1.32575758 miles

Google told me that. I guess it's good for something.


*carrie* said...

That's funny, Mer. I haven't checked my Sitemeter account in over a year, but I used to get a kick out of seeing how people arrived at my blog. I remember two of the most popular searches leading there were for my homemade fajita seasoning and homemade beer bread.

Unknown said...

This post seriously made me laugh out loud...now I want to see why people go to my blog...lol (not that I've been very timely with it lately...)

Gretchen said...

If I had a google search for your blog it would be:
"Friends i WILL meet in real life one day" or possibly: "Real momma, real writer, real life, really adorable." Yep, that's you! :)

Katrina @ Pics, Pages & Purls said...

Mer, I think this post is really great! I'll be e-mailing you soon about the stat-tracker thing OR you can just reply back to me if you want. Hope you have a crazy yet great Tuesday!

jen medeiros said...

Most of my core friends don't have a blog and just found out I do. :) Yes...makes for a funny conversation! I'm going to take a look at my sitemeter....curious now.
Had to laugh at your last post with the harpist at the Mexican restaurant...not that he wasn't good....just NOT the place you would expect that.

Brenda said...

Those are so funny! I'll have to check mine again.

Gina said...

Hello, I'm Crazy. Have we met?

Trish said...

laugh out loud funny!!

and look, my sister Gina and I are both up WAY past our bedtime!

Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

How funny! I need to check mine! :)

Angela said...

I thought blogging was crazy, too. I remember the first time Kate told me she was starting a blog, and I thought it sounded ridiculous.

And here I am today.

: )

Ali said...

That is so funny how people land at your blog! :)

I honestly can't remember how I found your blog but, I think it was a blog hop from a comment you left on another blog or a link to your blog from maybe one of your blog friends sites!?!

I've stayed reading your blog because I have 3 kids and I'm a stage or two behind you. So its like a sneak peek reading your blog! I have a 7, 4, 2 year old kids and I love them dearly!

Some of my favorite posts are those you write about your kids, marriage, cooking, hiking and getting together with your neighbors! I also like that you love Jesus but, are not legalistic and "preachy". That is really cool to me! I was inspired by you and your neighbors closeness - that is so rare these days. That my neighbor and I hosted a dessert party one evening out in the yard over spring break! It was a lot of fun and a great first step and getting to know our neighbors better!

Tell your friend I'm just another Mom of 3 kids living in another state that loves your blog!


Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

"Good greef." You. Are. HILARIOUS.