Saturday, January 05, 2013

1.5.13 Randomness

Randomness from Christmas break:

Last week, we bought part of a cow! I've wanted to do this for a long time. I knew it was probably cheaper and healthier for us in the long run but but quite honestly, I didn't want to drop that chunk of change. Plus, I knew we would have to buy a freezer as well. We finally bit the bullet and bought both and I am very, very pleased. The meat I've used so far is tasty! I really like knowing that we're eating quality stuff.

We bought a puzzle to work on New Year's Eve while John's family was here and put it together in record time. I enjoyed it so much that I bought another one the next day, and another one yesterday which I finished this morning after coming in from my walk. I'd forgotten how much I love puzzles. I need to join a puzzle swap or something because I can't continue to fund this addiction.
The day our company left I started feeling bad--runny nose, bodyaches, and a cough. I stayed in bed most of the day drinking Emergen-C and taking cold medicine and watching television. Being sick is a GREAT excuse to lay around watch television all day without guilt. I started Season 1 of Revenge on Netflix and I'm hooked. I'm also feeling much, much better--hooray! 

I was looking around Etsy a few weeks before Christmas and came across a printed quote that I loved. I showed it to John and lo and behold, I opened a framed version of it on Christmas morning. Sweet, huh? It was my favorite gift and quite a surprise too.

She believed she could so she did. 

The lady at the frame shop asked John if I'd there was some special accomplishment behind the print. I don't think it's anything I've done necessarily, but is more the mentality that if I believe I can do it then I absolutely can. Seven really good words to live by.
That print was my favorite gift. And this scarf was my funniest gift.
You're probably wondering why a cute scarf would be funny, right?

I like to make short stories long so bear with me.

 John took a day off a few weeks before Christmas and we went to Denver to do our Christmas shopping. I saw this scarf at the first store we walked into and liked it. John suggested I buy it and let him wrap it up for me for Christmas and I told him I'd think about it. As we were leaving the mall, we walked past it again and he urged me to buy it if I liked it. I did like it and the price was right, so I took it up to the counter and got in line to pay. John was still browsing while I was in line but walked up as I was paying and asked me if I'd noticed that the pattern on the scarf was SKULLS? Indeed I had NOT noticed that. The salesperson rolled her eyes and asked if I still wanted it (because I had literally JUST swiped my debit card as he was pointing this out to me) and I decided that yes, yes I did still want it. Hopefully it's only noticeable if you're all up in my personal space, right? And you might not have even noticed if I hadn't pointed it out. Besides, it goes great with my favorite black sweater AND my kids think it's cool that I have a skull scarf AND apparently skulls are quite trendy these days. I giggle every time I see it in my closet though.

I wonder how many of you are questioning my decision right now? I bet my mother sure is. 

On the agenda today:
Costco (Why do I always end up going there on Saturdays???? Why? Why? Why?)
Christmas thank-you notes (I can hear my kids groaning now)

Happy Saturday, y'all!


*carrie* said...

Nathan is way into puzzles right now, and even got in on some 1000-piece action with my side of the family over break.

I'd love to swap some puzzles with you! =)

Kecia said...

1. We buy half a cow every year or I l-o-v-e always having meat in the freezer.
2. Mike is sitting at our kitchen table this very moment working on our puzzle. If we lived closer, we could trade!
3. Your scarf story made me laugh.
4. We REALLY need to sit down and write thank you notes. It's time.
5. It was fun catching up with you again! :)

Betsy said...

Hahaha!! I noticed the skulls right off and thought you were getting totally radical or something! jk!! :)

I love puzzles, too! I wish you lived nearby and we could swap. I have really pretty ones that are huge and take forever and I can't have my dining room table covered for that long so I never finish them.

How do you like Revenge? I got the first season on Netflix and watched the first two episodes and then couldn't decide if I liked the concept of "revenge" or not so I didn't go any further. What do you think? Have you watched Downton Abbey? That's my new addiction!

My dad is a pastor and when I was little people in our church would give us half a cow for Christmas alot of times. We loved it! The beef was always delicious!

Have a great week!

Gretchen said...

I'm a week late reading this, but couldn't help but laugh! Guess where I went today? Costco. On Saturday. Oh my.

I LOVE puzzles too. I'm the only one in my family who does, so when I do them, I always feel guilty because it pulls at me until I finish it, which means I ignore my family until it is done. ;)

AND... guess what we bought this week? Part of a cow! Crazy parallel lives! Hmm... I hope that you blog about getting a new chair because I really want a new chair! Ha!

Miss G said...

I want to know more about the cow! We want to get part of a cow too.