Sunday, January 13, 2013


Just some of my favorite things of late. They may change tomorrow but today they're my favorites.

Favorite beauty product - Clinique Chubby Stick
Sarah was the one who made me aware of this product. She's really into make-up and beauty products and pointed this out to me one day while walking past a Clinique counter. I haven't bought Clinique in years and years but after spending too much money on cheap lipstick trying to find the right shade, I broke down and bought a chubby stick. L-O-V-E. It's so dry where we live and this is the perfect mix of sheer color and moisturizer. There is also a new Chubby Stick Intense, which is the same product with a bolder color. Revlon makes a similar product but I've found that it's much harder to get a true color with that brand.

Favorite place to waste time on the internet - Etsy

Favorite accessory - This chevron scarf that I mentioned the other day. It's happy and fun! In fact, I think I'll wear it today. 

Favorite television show - Downton Abbey
It's on tonight! Yay!

Favorite iPhone app - Weatherbug
I'm a bit of a weather nut so I like this app because it gives me lot more information than the standard weather app on my phone. Plus, it's free (hence the ads at the bottom of this morning's screen shot.)
In case you're wondering I did not get out and walk in -6 degree temps. I have limits! 

Favorite techy thing - touch screen/texting gloves
I found some inexpensive ones at Pac-Sun while (my teens' favorite store) but they're sold out online so I can't link you. These are similar; I've also seen them at Kohl's and Target for around $5-6. Basically, the fingers that you typically text with have conductive thread sewn into the glove which makes them work with your touch screen. Here's a tutorial for making your own.

Favorite candle  - Spiced Apple Toddy 
I bought mine before Christmas when they were on sale for $8. Wish I'd bought more at that price.

Favorite way to spend a Sunday -Church, a nap, and football. That's on my docket for today! Hope your day is restful too. 


Lindsay said...

Hi Mer... I'm getting into ETSY too. My niece & her husband are employed by someone who creates jewelry out of hardware parts. Dubious at first but wear her creations a lot.

Carissa said...

Just curious what color Clinique Chubby Stick you are using..... I looked at the colors and can't make up my mind!! Would love to know if you found a great color!! Thanks!!!