Monday, January 28, 2013

The Weekend

I am back in the land of the living today after a hideous superbug attacked my intestines yesterday and found me alternating between the fetal position on my bed and the porcelain throne in my bathroom for fifteen l-o-n-g hours. Yuck. And Blech. And perhaps TMI. Sorry. It was a miserable day but this morning I woke up feeling like a million bucks. I will admit that I am still slightly afraid of food right now though. I hardly ever get sick (especially that kind of sick) but now it's happened two weekends in a row. Seriously. I spent last Saturday in bed with a similar gastrointestinal bug. That's enough to last me for at least twenty years. I hope so anyway.

Other than that, our weekend was fun. I met some friends for lunch on Friday and we ended up crashing a wedding reception. True story. Sort of. There was a wedding going on in the restaurant and the wedding party was seated RIGHT NEXT TO US. The receiving line passed right behind our table and when the groom prayed over their meal we could hear every word. It was weird. Especially since it was high noon on a Friday and there were other tables in the restaurant where we could have been seated away from them. Oh well. Add wedding crasher to my list of things I never thought I could say about myself.

Friday night I helped host a baby shower for some friends. It was a fun night. We basically just ate dinner and visited and we didn't play a single silly shower game--it was awesome! My friend, Lisa, did a TON of work and made everything look so cute. It was a camp theme (this baby is being expected by some Young Life friends and we figured their child would have a lot of camp experiences in their future) so Lisa had a "build your own trail mix" bar. For dessert, we roasted marshmallows over sterno cans and had lots of fun toppings. Lisa outdid herself--everything was so good and sooooooo perfectly themed.

Saturday morning was laid back and lazy. I started reading 7, the book that goes with my bible study guide...and's good. And challenging. And I adore Jen Hatmaker's writing style and her wit. Saturday afternoon I met some friends at the USAFA for a women's gymnastics meet. I love going to those. I feel like I'm watching the Olympics or something. Those girls are very, very good! Saturday night, John and I snuck away to see Silver Linings Playbook. I liked it; it made me both laugh and cry and it might be the only movie up for an Academy Award that I will have actually seen before the awards ceremony.

Sunday morning around 2am I woke up with the most horrendous stomachache. And I'll spare you the play by play since you already know how the rest of my day played out.

You know? I sometimes think it would be nice to have a whole day in bed to do nothing but watch tv and surf and nap and just do nothing? Yeah. It's not all it's cracked up to be. It was gorgeous here yesterday and I was itching to get outside. Didn't happen. I also fell asleep about five minutes into Downton Abbey and according to my Facebook newsfeed at 3am (when I woke up feeling incredibly refreshed) I missed a doozy of an episode. Guess I'll have to find time to squeeze that in this week. Sounds like I need to keep the tissues handy.

Happy Monday, folks! Here's hoping everyone has a fantastic week.


Lindsay said...

Yuck! Sorry to hear of your bouts with the GI bug. I've had bronchial ailments but detest the other. Anyway glad you're feeling better today, Mer.

Jennifer said...

Not again! Yikes. I did escape your 1st bug, I'm glad to say. I waited till Wed to declare that to myself. Glad you are so much better today! I'm a bit behind on Downton, as well, and I stayed up too late last night finishing season 2. I'm thinking I'll be watching the first few episodes of season 3 this week so that I no longer have to avoid all references to it online.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Thanks, you guys.
Jennifer, yes AGAIN. SO miserable. Glad you escaped those heinous germs!