Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Currents: January 2013

Current Books: I won't even pretend that I've cracked open a book since my last post about this. Actually, that's not quite true. I read a chapter of The Snow Child one afternoon last week and it's still beside my bed. Maybe today I will find some time to pick it back up.

Current Playlist: Probably time to ditch the Christmas playlist, huh? 

Current Color: Purple. Eggplant to be exact. I got a new sweater in that color and though it's not a color I routinely choose to wear I'm enjoying it. I'm trying to brighten up all the black and brown in my closet. 

Current Drink: I've been back on the coffee bandwagon for about a month. There's nothing like coming in from a wintry morning walk and wrapping my fingers around a steaming mug of coffee. It's SO good. Tea doesn't quite do it for me but I began my caffeine-detox (again) this morning so herbal tea will be my go-to for now. 

Current Food: I don't know that I'm craving anything right now except REAL food. I ate way too much junk and processed stuff over break and am trying to get back on track with clean eating. I made this for dinner last night (and if you must know, all three of my children protested wildly and did not eat one bit of it) and I'm making cheeseburger soup for dinner tonight. It's so yummy. 

Current Favorite Favorite: Warm, furry slippers! John picked up on all the hints I dropped and bought me a pair for Christmas. They're the last thing I take off at night and the first thing I put on in the mornings. L-O-V-E!

Current Wish List: Healthy kids. My girls are both home sick today with a really bad cold. I hate seeing them so pitiful. Abbey stayed home yesterday too and I would have kept Sarah home as well if she hadn't had make-up finals. Hopefully lots of fluid, rest, and TLC (the mom kind, not the network) will remedy things for their return tomorrow. Hopefully.

Current Needs: Can't think of one single thing I truly need right now. 

Current Triumph: Finding more time to blog. 

Current Annoyance: Not letting things go. Truth be told, I'm the one hanging on to petty things most of the time. However, having been on the receiving end of this a bit too much lately my eyes have been opened to the gift you can extend to others when you let things go and move on. I guess this is part annoyance + part lecture. Sorry. 

Current Indulgence: Sleeping in. I've taken some days off from walking to recover from not feeling great last week. As much as I've missed my social and endorphin fix, I have to say that sleeping in has been heavenly. I'll be bundled up and back at it tomorrow though!

Current Mood: Happy, but concerned about my girls.

Current Blessing: Provision. 

Current Outfit: Jeans, red sweater and a cute black/white chevron scarf. Chevron makes me smile! 

Current Excitement: We have some fun weekend plans AND I get to see one of my dearest friends next week--that would be YOU, Jennifer! 

Current Project: I have a yard of flannel on my kitchen table along with a bag of rice because I want to try making some of these. Have materials just need time! John and I are also looking to re-do our bedroom soon so I've been searching for ideas, paint colors, bedding, etc. I don't particularly enjoy this process but we've had the same bedding since before Abbey was born and it's getting pretty threadbare so it's time. Our bedroom also remains the last unpainted room in our house. I will not be sad to say goodbye to white walls. 

Current Link: My blog friend, Melissa, had a great idea and completed 26 acts of kindness for each of the victims of the Sandy Hook elementary shooting last month. One of those acts grew into a rather large (and AMAZING!) outpouring. You can read all about her 26th Act of Kindness here--I promise you will be blessed! 


Deidre said...

We made corn bags this year for Christmas (same as rice, just with corn). I use mine daily! Especially when I have a headache. So nice!

Miss G said...

The Snow Child looks too sad for me but I hope you enjoy it.

My least favorite color is purple and yet for awhile there I was thinking I'd like to own an eggplant-ish/fushia-ish down vest from Lands End. hmmm . . .

I did discover a new store, Encore Consignment down on Pikes Peak yesterday that had vests (that won't fit over my belly at this point but I plan to go back post baby) and all kinds of fun clothes in a nice environment and some good prices.

Hope the caffeine detox goes well. Do you not drink decaf coffee because you don't like it or because of trace amounts of caffeine? Just wondering.

ah, yes, sleeping in is quite nice. Since coming back from the East Coast we've been enjoying some later mornings which I am enjoying especially as I tend to wake up at some point in the four o'clock hour during this pregnancy and then have to try to go back to sleep.

I should have come over for dinner last night! Polenta . . . and beans . . . two of my favorite foods. Sorry your kiddos rebelled.

Hope the girls are feeling much better soon!

Yea for finding more time to blog. I have been too and have really been enjoying it. I didn't realize how much I missed it.

Your outfit sounds cute. I love jeans, red and black and chevron, yes, please.

We have several rice bags and we love them. Hope everything goes well with the bedroom. I need to get working on a big boy room and a new nursery!

The 26th act of kindness was soo cool! Thanks for linking!


Emily said...

I always love reading you "Currently" posts!

Michele said...

I always love reading these :) I really need to do this.

P.S. I remember reading on one of these "currents" about your annoyance with FB. . .can I ask why? I get annoyed with it too and at times want to be totally done. Just want to see why others get annoyed. It seems more people love it than hate it :)

Jennifer said...

Looking forward to seeing you, too! Hoping your girls are feeling better today.

Master room re-do, huh? I'm interested to see what you choose!

Terri P. said...

I just heard about the 26 things this morning for the first time. I think it's a great idea.

Hope the girls are better today!