Monday, January 07, 2013

Monday Schmonday

Well, it's Monday. My husband went back to work this morning after seventeen days at home with me/us. Neither of us were very excited about him going. He was in a grumpy mood last night and for the life of me I couldn't figure out what I'd done. Turns out I hadn't done anything. It was just him dreading re-entry into normal life. I think we both wish we could live in vacation mode. But (sigh) that is simply not realistic.

Our kids start back to school tomorrow so today is our last big hurrah. I make it sound like we're going out with a bang but we're really not doing anything big. Abbey is having a one of her BFFs over later this morning and Sarah had two of her favorite friends sleep over last night. I've mentioned many times that I'm not the biggest fan of sleepovers and that hasn't changed but I've learned that when your kids are older, sleepovers aren't so bad. Teenage girls usually want to bake something and I'm fine with that as long as they tidy up the kitchen (last night they did not--grrrr) and I feel comfortable going to sleep after telling them goodnight and that I expect them to get to bed at a reasonable hour. I'm not quite sure we agree on what is reasonable, but I bet we can agree that when their alarm clocks begin chirping tomorrow morning to wake them for school it will be painful.

Sarah has to take her remaining final tomorrow upon return to school and Will takes his last two exams on Wednesday. The snow day we had the week before Christmas break really threw a kink into their finals schedule. Back in the summer, I scheduled the kids' dental exams for tomorrow thinking they'd still be out on break and we could squeeze them in. Wrong! When the dentist's office called me last week to confirm I realized I couldn't pull Sarah/Will out of class early like I'd need to because of the make-up finals! Ugh. Had to reschedule all three appointments this week.

DOWNTON ABBEY is back! John and I discovered this lovely television series last January and we flew though Season I so we could catch Season II when it aired. We've since bought and watched both seasons again on DVD. It is sooooooo sooooooooo good, y'all. If you're not watching you need to, but you need to watch in order so begin with Season I. Season III began last night on PBS and we both stayed up way past our bedtime to watch. That show is just pure wonderful. Now that it's back I have a reason not to dread Sunday evenings so much.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

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Miss G said...

Thanks so much for letting us borrow Downton Abbey. I need to get it back to you! We are on to season two! Four episodes in I think.

Hope you all survived your first day back to reality. :( bummer.