Friday, January 04, 2013


Yeah, you might want to forget what I said about hoping to be a bit better at blogging over Christmas break because evidently I forgot it too.

I'm just going to try to hit the highlights...

1. Our Christmas was great. It was just the five of us and it was wonderful and relaxing. The kids woke us up at 6am (pretty sure they set their alarms) and we opened gifts, ate our traditional Christmas breakfast of sausage balls, then spent the rest of the day lazing around, snacking, eating, and enjoying each other and our gifts. My one request was to watch The Nativity Story as a family, which we did and it pretty much perfected the day for me. 

2. John's parents arrived a few days after Christmas to spend some time with us. We tried to pack in as much fun as we could. One night we took them to see Parental Guidance (very cute movie!) and we also spent some time in Denver shopping, eating, and getting to know some of our extended family there. John and I went on a date one evening that ended up being the craziest date night ever. It deserves its own post so stay tuned.
John's brother and his family arrived on New Year's Eve (they'd been vacationing in Winter Park) and helped us ring in 2013 and all eleven of us spent New Year's Day in downtown Denver. I still can't get anyone to go ice skating with me--boo! It was a fun, but whirlwind week and they're all home safe and sound now. 

3. John has been off since December 20 and I have loved every minute of him being home! Okay, maybe not every minute but I have loved most of it. He goes back to work on Monday so we're trying to milk the last bit of relaxation out of these remaining days. Our kids start back to school on Tuesday and I must say I'm dreading that. I feel like we haven't had a long enough break! 

4. I tried really hard on NYE to sit down and write a post highlighting my favorite memories of 2012. I didn't get very far and gave up. Next I tried to write a post detailing my 2013 goals. Obviously I didn't get very far with that either. Time, people. With a house-full of company, free time was in short supply. Maybe I'll get to that one day. Or maybe the moment has passed. I don't know but I know that I do want to document a few things here for myself--some things I'm proud of. See #5 below.

5. I had two big personal fitness goals for 2012--to climb two fourteeners and to climb The Manitou Incline twice a month. I blogged about my climb up Grays and Torreys Peak in September. It was an exhilarating experience and has sparked a desire to add more 14ers to my list for 2013! I didn't quite make my Incline goal of twice a month but I did manage to climb to the top twenty-two point five times (one of those times I was sick and got off at the halfway/bailout point hence the .5) I'm more than happy with that number! Back in January I began logging all of my trail mileage. After my morning walk with friends on New Year's Eve I tallied up my final numbers--1050.5 miles for 2012--gotta say that feels GREAT!

6. If you happen to know someone who loves American Girl, you MIGHT be able to guess what's in the bag Abbey is holding in this picture. We made a stop by the AG store on New Year's Day for this newly-debuted-hot-ticket-item which she'd been saving her money to buy. That's a big smile she's wearing, huh?
I hope YOUR holidays were full of things you can look back on and smile about! 

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