Tuesday, January 15, 2013

C-c-c-o-l-d and Irrational Fears

I have two topics on my mind today: the actual outdoor temperature and my irrational fears. Don't they pair nicely? Like milk and cookies, huh? 

It's been reeeeeeeeeally cold here for the last few days with highs hovering in the teens and the lows dipping below zero (my weather app said -8 this morning). We've had a bit of snow too. Not a lot, just an inch or so. Here are some of my cold weather observations.
1. I don't like it.
2. At all.
3. All the water bottles you store in your garage will freeze solid when it gets that cold.
4. And your kids will not like that one bit when they go to grab one on the way to school.
5. Water bottles in your garage aren't the only thing that might freeze. Apparently, your favorite burger joint isn't immune from the cold and their pipes freeze in temps like these. When you grab a burger after church on Sunday and ask for water to drink, the server will tell you that you can't have water because the pipes are frozen. Huh? Yep, true story. It's okay; soda goes better with a burger anyway.
6. Thirty degrees will feel like a heat wave. I can't wait for those kind of temperatures to return!

Moving on to irrational fears.

I have two that nag me almost daily.
1. I'm very much afraid of sticking my foot into a boot. I can't explain the fear of what could be lurking there. Spiders? Rodents? Tacks? I wear boots quite a bit and every single time I go to pull one on I shudder, cringe, and hold my breath. It makes sense that I might be equally afraid of sticking my foot in a shoe but for some reason I'm not--it's just boots. It isn't rational.  
2. I'm also afraid of my garage door crashing down on me as I pull into my garage. I usually wait for it to raise completely before I drive into my garage but even then I hold my breath until I'm past the point where it could come down on my head or on my passengers' heads. Isn't that the craziest thing?

Ahhhhhhh. There's nothing like putting your "crazy" out there for all the world wide web to see. If any of y'all have crazy, irrational fears feel free to share them so I maybe don't feel so awkward. BIG SMILE!


Gretchen said...

I can't imagine temps that cold!
I'm right there with you about the boots. Same fear.

Christy said...

This will probably not help your fear of boots, but when we lived in Illinois there were brown recluse spiders everywhere. We learned to bang our boots/shoes out before putting them on just in case. My then 2 year old daughter would hear her daddy (the most cautious one of us) bang his boots in the morning...she'd yell from her bed, "no piders, daddy!" So, I wouldn't call it irrational fear but cautious behavior. ;)

*carrie* said...

My brother-in-law who lives in southern CA sent me a funny video this morning Jimmy Kimmel) about how the LA area is responding to their "winter weather." It's hilarious!

I posted about my irrational fears last fall: http://watibg.blogspot.com/2012/10/stuck.html

Lindsay said...

I won't complain about cold after hearing your temps. Sleet & snow has been the order of the day in ARKADOO. Brrrrrr!

Lisa-Marie said...

Ha! Meredith you are so cute! Well I have an irrational fear of putting my hand in things such as a backpack when it's dark inside and I can't see in. This is the result of an experience where I did this and pulled out a dead bat. Yes, a dead bat.....I guess it must have crawled in and died there....I never ever put my hand in anything anymore unless I can see everything inside first!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Spiders? BATS? Okay, y'all are creeping me out! And making my irrational fear seem all the more rational. LOL. :)

Stacy said...

My irr. fear is that one day when I pick up the decorative pillows off the floor to put back on bed that I will find a snake curled up, and it will be gray, don't ask me why on the color, I just imagine that, I sound weird I know!!! but there ya have it! I feel better now!

Gina said...

You would HATE parking with me. I push the button and slide the car as close to the door as I can, then when there is enough room for my car plus 2 inches I slowly pull in while the door raises the rest of the way. Sound terrible enough for you?