Friday, June 29, 2007

guess I'll have to quit saying I never win anything

I can't believe it. I won two things in one day. That is so crazy because I never seem to win anything.

My new friend, LeahBelle gave me this Rockin' Girl Blogger Award. Thank you very much, my friend. She's heading to Colorado later this summer for some camping adventures and was a little worried about bears. I tried to put her fears to rest and told her she really had no reason in the world to worry, because I've lived here almost 4 years and have never seen a one. And then, like a day later, I see TWO bears! I'm sure she is completely at ease now and is really looking forward to sleeping in a tent! Just remember, friend, put all your food in the bear-proof storage containers at your campsite and you should be fine. But take your camera, just in case!

I read this blog almost every day, and I signed up for Barb's leftover-wedding-favor-recipe-cards giveaway, and would you believe I won that too! That Barb is a chef, let me tell you! She posts some of the most yummy recipes, complete with instructions and photos. I am beside myself with excitement! If you start reading her blog, I know you'll be hooked, and you just might win a fun prize someday just like me! And she's from Colorado too...what could be better than that?

Wow...maybe I should go buy some lottery tickets. I am on a winning streak.

Happy weekend.

Oh, you really should go over to John's blog and read what he wrote about our wedding anniversary. Very sweet. I love you, J!

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