Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Field Day

Today was Field Day at the kids' school. I think it is my most favorite day of the entire year.

The weather was beautiful, and I enjoyed hanging out in the sunshine with my kiddos!

Will was there too, but he doesn't think sitting with his mom or getting his picture made is so cool anymore. :(

I was at school for about 5 hours today, and I came home completely worn out. I love the sun, but it is DRAINING!

John called after we got home and asked if we wanted to go out for dinner. Ummm, okay, twist my arm. We went for mexican food...our favorite.

No one has homework tonight! I told the kids on the way to school this morning that they could tell their teachers if they assigned any homework that their mother was going to s-c-r-e-a-m! I guess the teachers didn't want to hear me because for the first time in probably 25 weeks, NO ONE has homework. Woohoo!!! We're all exhausted so we're going to watch the finale of Dancing with the Stars in a little while, then head to bed. Even me. That is if I can even make it through the show. I'm pulling for Kristi Yamaguchi...what about you?


Leigh Ann said...

Cute, cute pictures. Glad you guys had fun at field day. I'm so glad Kristi won!

His Girl said...

you are about to think much less of me... ready?

I'm pulling for Jason... for only superficial reasons.

*hangs head* he's just so beautiful.

Jenn said...

Sounds like such a great day and it ended with dinner out! Fun.

Sorry I do watch DWTS but I love Kristi (due watching her ice skate - loved her) so I was pulling for her.

We are AI fans around here and like both David's but pulling for David A. Do you watch AI?

Betsy said...

That sounds like such a fun day. I love it when my husband comes home and says, "Let's go out!" Ummm...yeah!!!! Any time!

We just had field day, too. I always enjoy it! Cute pictures!