Thursday, March 12, 2009


Lots of questions today...

Why does Apple introduce new products without any advertising hype? And why did Apple introduce the ultra cool iPod shuffle a mere thirty-six (36!) hours AFTER I bought the old one? (Hate that.)

Why do I keep getting baby formula and coupons in the mail? (It's not even funny to ask if I'm pregnant. I'm not.)

Why does laundry multiply?

Why does our dog feel the need to knock the bathroom trash bins over daily and strew the contents throughout the entire house?

Why do my kids forget to put the cap back on my markers? My really nice scrapbook markers?

Why do the jeans and shoes I bought two months ago no longer fit my children?

Why do all the television shows I love have to be watched sequentially in order to know what the heck is going on? Why are there no shows anymore with stand-alone episodes?

Why do schools put so much pressure on kids for Colorado standardized testing? And why do they schedule before-school activities that require them to be there an hour early on testing days? (This one makes me MAD!)

Why does my 6-year-old cry every single morning when I brush her hair?

Why is it so easy to gain weight and so hard to lose it?

Why does it snow where I live in March? And April? And May?

Why does coffee taste SO good in the mornings? And why does it taste even better the week following daylight savings time?

Why does the tire pressure indicator light keep coming on in my van when my tire pressure is FINE? 

Why is it so rare to have a night when no one complains about what we're having for dinner?

Why do I have a need to arrange spare hangers in the girls' closet in ROYGBIV order?
And why do I take pictures of such things?

Huh? Huh? Huh? Anyone?


Kendra said...

You let your kids TOUCH your scrapbook markers? Are you crazy???

I saw that about the ipod and thought of you. So very frustrating. You just bought and obsolete piece of equipment!

Aaaah, rainbow order. You are a woman after my own heart. I'm a little OCD with that. The markers HAVE to be ROYGBIV. The crayong HAVE to stay in the exact spot they came in in the box. You, my sister, are a little up-tight like me!

Melissa said...

Sad to say I have no answers for you, friend. Good questions, though!

Carpool Queen said...

I thought about you when I got an email about the new shuffle...Arghhhh.

And watch that tire pressure thing. Mine was on for six weeks and turns out, it really was flat, but it was NOT the tire that it told me. It was another one. Sometimes the computer doesn't know left from right.

And my nine years old cry when I tell them to brush their hair.

And if you solve the dinner thing, LET ME KNOW.

Gretchen said...

Why, indeed?

My iphone was purchased under similar circumstances. The 3G came out literally a day or 2 later. Whatever.

i'm feeling you on the kids' clothing. Doesn't it seem like throwing money away when they only wear things for such a short time? Both of my kids are growth spurting now. not fun.

I have a tip for hairbrushing. I'll email you.

My dtr is already nervous about her Stanford 10 and the WASL (our state test). I tell her that these are just measures to see if her teachers are teaching what the test needs to see. I know she can think.

The weight? Don't get me started.


dogs? they are evil and should be destroyed. but i still lurve mine, too.

hangers? you mean your kids' clothes make it from the floor to a hanger? I salute you.

have a great thur, mer.

Lauren said...

This is tooooo funny!!!! I have no answers for you, but enjoyed reading it, lol!!!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

WHY do I read your blog?

Because it makes me laugh and realize that:
A. I'm not alone in some of my issues
B. I have friends with issues I hadn't even imagined to have....yet! ;)

Lately my answer to WHY? has been WHY NOT?

I really want to know WHY I've typed this three times and haven't been able to leave a comment yet!!!

Gina said...

Why did I give up pop and coffee and still gain a couple of pounds?

When Gretchen tells you what to do about hair brushing, pass it on to me. The girls have waist length hair- and I'm all for cutting it, except...They have a ballet recital in June, so if we wait until after the recital (which requires a bun) they will have 10 inches to donate to Locks of Love. If I trim them now, there will be no point to cutting off all that gorgeous blonde hair. *sigh*

leigh said...

LOVE the ROYGBIV question. Too funny.

Melissa Stover said...

i've got nothing on the roygibv thing. that's just nuts.

Christen said...

OMG my hangers are the same way!! I've gotten better though, when I was a teen I used to only hang pink shirts on pink hangers, etc. (yeah that bad)
my van has this annoying airbag light that lights up randomly! when we first got it I was so scared and would brace myself just imagining my airbag going off as I'm doing 75 on the interstate. no bueno.
My poor kids woke up at 8 and Alicia picked them up at 8:08 for the practice, terrible! Hate this too.
I agree with you on so many it would take too much space. :)

Cathy said...

aaahhh, the things the blogging world has brought us to...taking pictures of hangers! Love it! too funny!

oh and when you figure out the weight one, let me know!

Anonymous said...

I love you so! I bought my ipod shuffle not long ago as well...UGH Oh well!

Brenda said...

All I can say about the 'weight' question is Murphy's Law.
My daughter would cry every time I brushed her hair too. Her hair was almost to her hiney and she couldn't brush it herself. Last year I finally cut it shoulder length where she could begin doing it herself. It's much longer now and she's doing fine with it... problem solved!
Great picture!

Rae said...

Why do little boys make huge messes on the carpet and not on the oh-so-easy-to-wipe-up-tile 6 inches away?

We're finishing up testing this week too and all I can say is good riddance!!!! The PTO is celebrating with a movie night tomorrow night!!

Stephanie said...

If you figure out how to get the marker caps to stay on and to simplify hair brushing, I am all ears!!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

LOL! I hate that I don't have any magical answers for you, but I do have a "why" question...


Shanda said...

You may have to have Gretchen guest post about the hair issue...inquiring minds & all that!

It is my natural tendency to keep hangers organized by size and color too.

I was so bummed when our local "used a bit" shop for kids closed - it was one of my favorite places!

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

-RIGHT after I bought my macbook, they came out with a better deal. It's like Murphy's Law.

-Bathroom trash - ew. I finally bought a container that has a snap-down lid. Too many toddlers around.

-I bought the girls white sandals for the summer yesterday (b/c there was only 2 of those sizes left; didn't want to take my chances!) and I made sure to get them BIG. At least they have velcro I can sinch down for a while...

-Coffee sure is good in the mornings!!

-Those color-coded hangers cracked me up.

Michele said...

ROYGBIV has me laughing out loud!!!

I'm glad my house isn't the only one in it who has at least one person complain about what we're having for dinner.

Coffee is my drug. I HAVE to have it. It takes good anytime of day to me, but especially in the mornings.

I get the baby coupons in the mail too. I think I need to return them to sender and tell them there will be NO MORE babies in this house and my baby is 5!!!

Amber said...

Ooohh...don't get me started on the scrapbook markers. Nothing is sacred anymore.

And just because I know I shouldn' sure you're not pregnant?!?!??! :)

Amber said...

Ooohh...don't get me started on the scrapbook markers. Nothing is sacred anymore.

And just because I know I shouldn' sure you're not pregnant?!?!??! :)

Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

This was soooo funny and I can relate to many of your "why" questions!

Tiffani said...

ahh, sweet ponderables....

I can't even think about your ipod b/c I'm still wondering "why I can't have a Keuring when I want one" ;)

Um, don't even get me started on schools and standardized's the devil. Hang in there and help your sweet babies make through them with minimal stress...(tough, no doubt)...

here's one about weight...why do I feel okay all winter and at the first HINT of warmth and spring I suddenly feel like a fat mother cow that should lose 10 lbs. in a week????

Your hangers are rainbowlicious...and they made me smile!

You should know b/c of your post I'm now singing "if they say why why...tell 'em that it's human nature" Remember that old Michael Jackson song? The song, not him. ick.

Unknown said...

Thank you for making me laugh this evening! I loved your questions....I don't have any answers. I too get formula coupons. And I laughed out loud at the hangers!

His Girl said...

I can't even answer, but just so you know, my whole closet is in PROYGBIVBBW ( brown white)order. Pants, long sleeve shirts, tanks, skirts, dresses, each in that order...

my husband asks why about that all the time.

care-in said...

I love this list and I totally feel the pain of crying while combing hair...why? And I love that you put your spare hangers in roygbiv order!!

Anonymous said...

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