Sunday, March 08, 2009

*Winner* (Glad someone will be enjoying Starbucks...)

Lemon Juice to Dawn:

Lemon tell you somethin'... people like you Dawn belong in here!!! was really hard to choose from all the funny comments, but my kids and I like Tiffani's quirky caption the best. Tiffani, if you'll send me your address, I'll send YOU a Starbucks gift card. I actually probably have your address around here somewhere, but you should probably resend it. I seem to be misplacing more than just my mind these days. *smile*


Tiffani said...

WHAT???!!!!!! I just logged on today to "check-in"..y'know the drill: email, facebook, blogs AND WOW!!!!

THANKS SO MUCH!! I am THRILLED! That was really a fun activity!! Glad I could make you guys laugh!!

I'll send you my address...

YAY 4 ME!!!!! I haven't had Starbucks in FOR=EV=ER!! I just haven't wanted to spend the money and HELLO after this week, well, that's just an EXTRA special treat!

Gretchen said...

I could only be happier if I won, myself.

Er...I mean...Yay, Tiffani!!!! Woo Hoo.

Newsflash: I'm not a good editor, either. ;)

Shanda said...

Congrats Tiffani! I laughed at that one too!!

Michele said...

Yay Tiff. She is so clever and so very funny. What a fun idea. Don't feel bad about putting Dawn in the fridge. . . I do stuff like this ALL the time!!