Monday, June 25, 2007


No kidding! I saw a bear on Friday. We took a little road trip this weekend. We were driving through a particularly beautiful stretch of Colorado, near the New Mexico border, and I was lost in the beauty of it until John started pointing and yelling for us to look. And about 50 feet away was a small, cinnamon colored bear meandering along the railroad tracks beside us. My heart almost stopped--but not because of fear.

I've lived here for almost 4 years now and have never seen a bear, though I've desperately wanted to. I've seen evidence of bears. Everything from overturned dumpsters and trash cans, bear scat, and bear-proof (often Mer-proof) trashcans in local parks, but until last Friday, I've never seen a bear.

I've been asking God to show me one for awhile now. Not in a "God, IF you love me, you'll let me see a bear" way, but more in a way that says, "God, I know that my heart matters to you, and I would so love to see a bear".

Seeing that bear on Friday was a gift. My tears fell freely for I knew that in seeing that bear, God saw me. And you know what? We saw another bear on the return almost the exact same spot. Isn't God good??


Leah Belle said...

Funny that you saw a bear just after you used the fact that you'd never seen one to console me :)!

Lindsay said...

I remember some summers in Colorado Springs while working with ISI. Never saw a bear but heard them at night banging on the dumpsters.